There is no Liberty without Equality

by Serena Deena in London, England, United Kingdom

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GRIIM Ltd is dedicated to empowering women through editorial content and brand messaging, utilizing eco friendly and cruelty free materials.

by Serena Deena in London, England, United Kingdom

The corona virus is causing a global health emergency and a global economic slow down. Trade, investment, growth and employment are all affected and the crisis will have an impact on the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

My small business start up GRIIM Ltd is searching for ways to cope with the operational stress  and financial injury generated by Covid-19.

GRIIM Ltd is facing profound challenges like drops in business activity and disruptions with supply chain .

Hype will disappear during a crisis, but world-class solutions are hard to ignore. We have discussed and shared best practices for remote working, as well as tactics for surviving in a downmarket, with our collaborators.

The following questions are what guide my research.

1. Will covid-19 consumers be more likely to purchase from clothing brands that have an eco-friendly fashion line?

COVID 19- The catalyst for change.

A move away from this broken business model full of financial and environmental risks and towards more of a safe, sustainable way of working should be a long-term outcome of the current pandemic. 

Post-virus, consumers will seek out brands that they align with morally more than ever before, with an emphasis placed on conscious products. Eco-friendly loungewear is a fail-safe way to invest.

Well-being and self-care themes will take shape in the form of natural and organic products. From fresh produce to clothing, ‘clean’ and non-toxic materials and fibers will drive demand as health continues to be a top priority.

‘Buy less, buy better.’ After crisis comes empowerment.

GRIIM Ltd is a private limited company of G!rlfriend etchical fashion brand headquartered in London. The company aims to offer job opportunities to ex-offenders, sex workers to prevent povetry. 


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