by Gary Ablett in Hersonissos, , Greece

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To circulate a private business which will improve the quality of living and rescue animals from stray lifestyles within the island of Crete

by Gary Ablett in Hersonissos, , Greece

Over the previous 17 years, I (Gary Ablett) have continuously visited the island of Crete – in particular, the northern towns – Herssonissos, Gouves, and the surrounding villages.
Additionally, my partner (Ida Ambrus) and I (Gary Ablett) are both extremely big animal lovers.

Every year, several stray cats and dogs are found homeless on the island of Crete, Greece, and barely able to survive.

We have visited one shelter on many occasions, and are now looking to begin a venture which we believe can massively assist with bringing these animals a much better way of living.

Greek laws – much like other countries – are fairly strict on businesses profiting on stray animals; however, it needs to be understood that – much like us as humans – financing MUST be accumulated in order to survive no matter which spices we are.

Ultimately, both Ida and I wish to establish a long term connection with the island, and we believe our passion will be driven by this venture. Therefore, this presentation will demonstrate a business plan to establish a new animal home AND café to support it and those working alongside it.

Our proposal is to incorporate a café, under the name of GreyCafe as a business, alongside a redesigned rescue centre, under the name of GreyShelter. This will be the establishment of both a PROFITABLE business, and NON-PROFITABLE business simultaneously.

Two separate companies will be initiated. This will provide a clear segregation of revenue, which is circulated back into the rescue, and also allow revenue to be paid into the business for the workers.

When actual solid growth is observed within ‘GreyCafe’, we will then assess and distribute a portion of the profits into ‘GreyShelter’ as well (See Presentation on YouTube link).

Our vision does not just stop at the Café.

We want to begin working with veterinarians and specialists to establish breeding control, particularly with stray cats.

We also wish to establish some of our dogs as emotional and well-being support animals in hospitals, assisting people back into health.

We would also like to invite the children at local schools to spend time with our animals, and give the children an insight into the responsibilities required when owning pets.

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