Grey Bear Films Mini Series

Grey Bear Films is a brand new production company that exists to give emerging artists an outlet to collaborate on short films.

We did it!

On 1st Jun 2016 we successfully raised £1,600 with 59 supporters in 42 days



Welcome to Grey Bear's quest for contributors...


We're looking to raise £2,000 to make 8 short films in the ultimate collaborative process. The basic premise is to give many people jobs and opportunities in film whilst creating a huge body of work. The films will be sent to Short Film Festivals and followed up with an online YouTube series. AND on top of this at the end of the year they will be screened at a big event that you can come down to and enjoy too!

We're very excited for the people we've already got on board and are planning on working with. They include:

  • EIGHT Writers
  • FIVE Directors
  • TEN(+) Actors
  • THREE Producers

Plus multiple cinematographers, sound technicians, *messenger dogs, editors, *golf caddies, runners, assistants, photographers and more.  


Jason Imlach was inspired by the vast amount of support and outlets for new theatre and noticed a lack in opportunity for young creatives to make new films. There's loads of places you can go to develop scripts for theatre but not so much for film, and that's why we're here!


           The following are just some of the things we currently need funding for:

  • Paying cast and crew - Everyone needs some cash! One of our main focuses is to cover all expenses at the very least with an aim of giving everyone a daily rate. 
  • Equipment hire - This includes cameras, lenses, lights and sound recording equipment.
  • Location scouting - This cost can vary depending on where our writers have chosen to set their films, so we would love the opportunity to be able to hire the best possible locations. 
  • Film Festival submissions - We need to get our films out into the world on as many platforms as possible.
  • Catering  - A necessity to make sure all cast and crew are treated fairly with food and hydration on set.
  • Art and Design - It will cover costumes and make up, materials to dress and create sets plus paying artsits to create our logo's.

All these things are so important to us and can allow us to make films of the highest quality. If you choose to get involved you'll be helping so many people in achieving something that gives so many people creative jobs. PLUS if you contribute enough money you can get some bear cookies, who doesn't love bear cookies?

So that's all for now folks, keep up to date with things on our website ( and twitter (@greybearfilms). Thank you for reading!

Lots of love,

Grey Bear Films


Some photos from our last shoot, by photographer Darcey James


Our collaborative bears so far (including writers, actors, directors and more): Jason Imlach, Lauren Lyle, Ellen Cummins, Jamie Jackson, Grace Jarvis, Harry Wheeler, Dickie Earll, Brook Driver, Oscar Porter, Sophie Moniram, Conor Caroll, Anna Piper, Peter Brook, Rosie Kellett, Livia Warden, Melissa Vaughan, Sam Perry, Darcey James, AND SO SO MANY MORE STILL TO COME.

*not true.


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