Greg [Short Film]

by Leon Freebury in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom


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About GregGreg will be a 3-4 minute silent film, set to a ¾, waltz style score, that will begin upbeat and optimistic and will end sparse a...

by Leon Freebury in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom


About Greg

Greg will be a 3-4 minute silent film, set to a ¾, waltz style score, that will begin upbeat and optimistic and will end sparse and hollow. Greg draws inspiration from the iconic opening scene of ‘UP,’ with a rural Irish twist. A tale of loneliness and selflessness gone too far, Greg as a character embodies a relatable trait we all have within us, that if left unchecked, can be our demise. This film will be made in collaboration between MA Film & Television and MA Prosthetics students at Falmouth University, UK.

Why We Need You

With the help of generous funding here on Crowdfunder UK, we will be able to increase of quality of this film across the board:

  • Pre-production wise, funding would allow us to pay for authentic locations that we would not be able to afford on our student budget. 
  • Into production, funding would allow us a far higher quality of production design. Being able to buy costumes and props will allow us to tell the story of Greg properly and give this creative vision the feel it deserves. 
  • After the film has wrapped and we have completed post-production, any extra funding would allow us to give this film a fully planned and ambitious festival run where we can share Greg with wider audiences.

Meet The Crew

1604088190_greg_headshots-0053-resize.jpgWriter and Director - Stanley Blundell

1604088059_greg_headshots-00506-resize.jpgProducer - Desislava Todorova

1604088087_greg_headshots-00546-resize.jpgDirector of Photography - Celia Romero Cifuentes

1604088113_greg_headshots-00514-resize.jpgEditor and PR - Leon Freebury

1604088127_greg_headshots-00496-resize.jpgMake Up and Prosthetics Artist - Chase Phoebe Hayden

Risks and Challenges

Making films during the COVID pandemic is an added challenge, making sure everyone on set and around us is safe. Pre-production and planning will become more important than ever, socially distanced and sanitised sets are a necessity and we must plan in advance for any foreseeable problems that may arise.

Let's make 'Greg [Short Film]' happen

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