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Our friend Steve.

Greeny. Steve. Stephen Green, a few of you from school may know him as something else but we will leave that for another time. We never thought aged 31 we'd be coming together to try and support a mate and his family like this, but such is the terrible hand Steve and his family have been dealt in the last few years that we've decided enough is enough and it's time we helped bring some of the joys of life back to them. This isn't something anybody is particularly comfortable with, we debated for hours and hours the best way to approach it knowing the proud man Steve is, but sometimes you have to go with what you believe in which has led us and you to this crowdfunding page. Basically before you read on the sole purpose of this page is to raise £10,000 to send Steve and his lovely wife Sam and their children to Florida on the trip of a lifetime before its too late. If we had this cash sitting around spare you wouldn't be sat here reading this but like most people we haven't so we are relying on that age old adage 'many hands make light work' to try and get the job done.

Steve (Greeny) is a private lad, he's always kept himself to himself so most of you wont be aware of this but for the past few years he's been undergoing one of the biggest battles of his life as he tackles an inoperable brain tumour. For now the future is as uncertain as it can be. At best the tumour will grow no further and Steve will be carefully managed and treated for as long as is possible. We are trying not to even contemplate the worst.

All this began a few Autumns ago when Steve had a seizure at work. Steve had already been through a lot of trauma due to almost losing his leg in an accident on his stag do, which eventually caused the wedding to be put back a further year, and how different life would be for Steve when he finally married the love of his life Samantha. As the knee recovery took shape Steve was hit with the bombshell that his mum had been diagnosed with cancer. With a new job on the horizon and his mums treatment to contend with Steve put the seizure down to stress and put it to the back of his mind so not to worry his family with all they were going through. Then one day on the drive to work Steve was forced to pull over as thankfully he had warning signs of a seizure coming on and managed to park up before having the seizure and was taken into hospital, he couldn't hide the truth no more and inevitably had to tell his family. After dozens of scans, tests and biopsies it was revealed that Steve had an inoperable brain tumour, on original assessment the tumour was deemed to be of the Grade 2 variety. The location of the tumour has made operating too much of a risk to take and as mentioned above for now the best prognosis is that it doesn't grow further. Dozens of trips back and forth to a specialist surgeon in Oxford have determined that for now although inoperable Steve's tumour will be continued to be monitored closely, if it begins to affect his day to day life more drastically the only option left to prolong his life will be intensive radiotherapy.

While Steve faces an uncertain future, he has already seen his mother beat cancer and the family are currently dealing with another very private family illness. They have managed to keep this all from their 2 children (ages 4 and 7) and tried to live as normal life as possible for them.

Steve would never ask us to do this, he is the last person to ask for help but always the first to give it, we as friends just feel so helpless so this is our way of giving them something special. We believe £10,000 will give this family a chance to visit Disneyland in Florida for a fortnight and cover all the flights, hotels and insurance needs somebody with Steve's medical diagnosis would require and give them all at least some respite from the unbelievable luck their whole family has had to contend with these past few years.

We are busy planning some fundraisers of our own to help raise these funds but with the clock potentially against us we are reaching out to our own friends and family in the hope you may be able to spare us the cost of a pint or a cup of coffee and help send this wonderfully humble family on the trip of a lifetime. Even if you have nothing to spare we thank you for taking the time to read Steve's story and please ask that you click the share button and help us get Steve's story as far and wide as we can.

Steve and Samantha don't know about what we are trying to do for them, they are also not on social media so we hope to keep this as a surprise until we have reached our target, so I would kindly ask his friends and family members to please keep this to yourselves for now.

Forever grateful.

Steve Green's friends

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