Fillu - a dramatised Liederabend project

by Green Opera Company in London, England, United Kingdom

Fillu - a dramatised Liederabend project
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-- Environmentally conscious opera -- Green Opera is raising funds to stage the world premiere of Fillu, a dramatised Liederabend project

by Green Opera Company in London, England, United Kingdom

What is Green Opera?

Green Opera is a company with a vision for making music and drama in a way that is environmentally sustainable, we are dedicated to inspiring others both to engage with this wonderful art-form and to take care of the world around them.

GO is committed to providing high-quality productions that are also environmentally-friendly. We achieve this through a combination of up-cycling props, costumes or scenery and recycling anything we no longer have a use for. We use a paperless ticketing system and all of our programmes and posters are printed on recycled paper.

GO is also dedicated to educating the public about how to ensure that they are living as sustainably as possible. Our environmental officer, assisted by a team of researchers, share regular advice on how to improve the impact we leave on the environment across our social and in every programme. After each production we give a percentage of our profits to an environmental charity and plant a tree in The National Forest.

The Fillu performances:

Fillu is a dramatised Liederabend based around the lives of Eugene Schumann and Marie Fillunger. Both of these women led extraordinary lives in Germany and England in the late 19th-century but their history has been sadly overlooked. The project will consist of a selection of mid-late 19th-century Lieder interspersed with letters exchanged between the two lovers in the years 1875-1893. Whereas Lieder as an art form is often associated with a historically entrenched celebration of heterosexual love, in reality, this combination of poetry and music can encompass a far wider spectrum of powerful emotion — this project will explore these possibilities.

We are currently preparing for three Fillu performances:

30th November: Emmanuel College, Cambridge

21st January: Royal Academy of Music Piano Gallery, London

26th January: Selwyn College, Cambridge 

Further information can be found for these free shows on our website.

Support us!

As a newly formed company, we depend on donations and support to help us realise the creative and environmental missions that go hand-in-hand at GO, from up-cycling costumes to printing on 100% recycled paper. 

While our patronage scheme (found on our website) ranges from Friend (£100/year) to Benefactor (£500/year) through to Patron (£1000/year), we would be delighted to receive any donation no matter the size

What's more, your support doesn't have to be monetary. If you're unable to contribute via this Crowdfunder or our Patronage Scheme we would be delighted to hear from you should your support come in the form of equipment, costumes, scenery or expertise - any help is invaluable!

We have big plans for upcoming projects (including Figaro 2020!) so any support now is much appreciated!

Please don't hesitate to contact us via:

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