GreenLight - Mobile Matchmaking App

by Cullen Gordge in London, England, United Kingdom

GreenLight - Mobile Matchmaking App


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GreenLight, the newest contestant in the matchmaking market, taking you away from the confines of your own room with immediate results

by Cullen Gordge in London, England, United Kingdom

GreenLight attempts to take advantage of this trend by offering something different to users. Currently, dating apps are about remaining in the safe confines of your room/apartment, looking at pictures and swiping right or left. 

What then? Then there's the dreaded chatting. 

No response? Did I say the right thing? Did they read my message? Meeting up? When? Will I be stood up? Is this person even who they say they are? 

GreenLight removes the uncertainty and provides an offering in real life social situations with immediate results. It also removes the one thing we all fear - rejection. 

Picture this...

You're at the pub enjoying your drink. In walks the most beautiful person you've ever seen. Is this the night you build up the courage to approach them, talk to them and actually develop a connection? Maybe, but the fear of rejection prevents you from even getting off your seat. Even if you could get up and talk to them, do they even want you to? Maybe they're dating someone? Maybe they just want to have a night unimpeded by the advances of a stranger.

Solution? GreenLight

Check-in, Request and Chat - Real Life, No Gimmicks 

Some numbers:

A recent survey on UK online dating reveals that over 7.6 million people visited a dating app or site in June 2019.

That equals 1 in 6 of internet users over the age of 18.

The Global dating app market is expected to surpass $8.4 billion by 2024

239.9m = average users of mobile dating apps, a 9.2% growth year on year

Average revenue per user = US$8.92

The Market is primed for new entries. 

So Why GreenLight?

Our team at CG Applications have developed the UX design and beta prototype of our app and are looking for the funding to finalize the IOS and Android versions in order to launch. 

Our quest for finance it to ensure we have the best team involved in the app development and to undertake a marketing campaign to beat all marketing campaigns. 

We have the research, we have the idea, and now we need your help for the execution.

Let's make 'GreenLight - Mobile Matchmaking App' happen

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