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Research climate change, explore untouched wilderness and inspire others with 'disabilities'. Help our British Greenland 2017 expedition.

by Oliver Mentz in Loughborough, England, United Kingdom

Our proposed journey of a life time is a scientific / exploratory / inspirational expedition to the Stauning Alps in Central-Eastern Greenland. This 4-week expedition up the Roslin Glacier and down the Bjornbo Glacier will take us to places where few people have set foot before.

Inspire - Our Team

As a collection of friends who each bring a different set of skills, abilities, motivations and desires, we’re looking to inspire others, research climate change and explore untouched summits.

Our team consists of a glaciologist, experienced mountaineers and skiers, including a member who is significantly visually impaired. While none of us has taken part in a challenge like this before we have a broad range of experience in harsh conditions from the Alps, to Norway and Scotland. During the lead up to and after the expedition we aim to promote equality and prove that no matter what challenges you face you can achieve great things. Our team member Jesse was born with a defect in his vision causing him to be registered blind. This hasn't stopped him from achieving many goals including climbing in the Alps and Norway. This trip to Greenland is an ideal opportunity for you to back us so we can inspire others like Jesse to get outside and challenge themselves whatever their abilities.

Research - The Science

We plan to repeat measurements which were made at Roslin Glacier in the Stauning Alps during the 1970s. Since then, only one other ground-based dataset has been collected from elsewhere in the Stauning Alps. Repeating these measurements will allow us to see how the behaviour of the glacier has changed over the past forty years, and better understand how glaciers in the area are responding to climate change. For more details on the scientific elements of our expedition check out our webpage.

If you're intending to visit Greenland yourself, get in touch we'd love to hear what you have planned. We’re happy to provide advice if you’d like to include a scientific element in your application. Even if you’re not planning an expedition to Greenland, you can get involved by checking out our blog and sharing it with your friends, or chipping in a few pounds on this site (we are entirely supported by small grants, foundations and our own back pockets).

Explore - Our Destination

Between us we've climbed new routes on multiple continents, traversed mountain ranges from arid deserts to hostile alpine peaks. This expedition will be our greatest challenge yet. We'll face blizzards, temperatures as low as -25oC, polar bears, crevasses, avalanches and many more hazards. All in one of the remotest parts of the planet. Getting to our intended destination involves travel via a twin-otter ski plane and a multi-day snowmobile trip. Once there we'll travelling around the frozen landscape via skis and alpine climbing with a view to ascend as many unclimbed peaks in the area as time and weather allows. Travelling through the Roslin Glacier and down the Bjornbo Glacier will take us through areas of the world where people have never set foot before. We don't know what we'll find or even if the journey is possible. This is true exploration.

We're excited to be involved in such a multi-faceted expedition which will help us better understand the world we live in, our impact on it, inspire others to challenge themselves, research towards a better future and explore this untouched wilderness. We hope that you're as excited as we are and just a few pounds will make a difference to us.


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