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  • Project concept

    One quick question: what’s the image of Chinese takeaway in your mind?

    No matter what it is, we are about to change it, for the good.

    Just imagine, if we can offer you restaurant quality, authentic Chinese food, tailored to your lifestyle requirements, at takeaway prices, in environmentally friendly packaging, all delivered in less than 10 minutes. What else do you need?

    This is how we are going to change the industry.


    This is an example of how your meal will look. As you can see each meal comes with 3 dishes and a portion of either rice or noodle. Our meals are well balanced, nutritional and full of flavour. Only fresh materials are used to make our meals meaning we use no frozen or canned foods at all. Your meal will come with your very own customised nutritional information leaflet. Each container is environmentally friendly and reusable. The outer case is made of wood and has a wooden cover. You will receive £1.20 for every container that you recycle through Green Kitchen.

    Below are the various type of meals we provide:

    Dieter Meal

    High Protein Meal

    General Balanced Meal

    Senior Citizen Meal

    Children Meal

    Vegetarian Meal

    Vegan Meal

    Diabetes Safe Meal

    Blood Pressure Safe Meal

    For each meal type we offer at least 4 variations to suit every customer’s preferences.

    We are not finished yet. We will constantly work on the menu to keep bringing new dishes and new meals to our customers, so you don’t have to live with the same menu for 30 years just like you did with your local Chinese takeaway shops.

    We are not exaggerating. There are over 30,000 dishes in China and more being invented every day. All we have to do is combine the right dishes to make our delicious and healthy meals. 

    How it works

    Our entire business stems from our central kitchen. It is large enough to provide food for all our local hubs, and is also close enough to guarantee a smooth operation. All our dishes are made within the central kitchen. They are then transported to each hub in temperature controlled vehicles. This is where they are kept warm/or chilled waiting to be combined to meals according to your order, this procedure takes less than 60 seconds. From packaging your order to knocking on your door, the whole process will take less than 10 minutes. To make sure all our dishes are fresh enough, we transport a new batch of dishes from our central kitchen to our hubs every few hours.


    We are starting in Liverpool with the intention to expand, nationally. We will change your idea of a standard Chinese meal by replacing your greasy takeaway with a nutritional, balanced, delicious food experience. Our business model enables us to cut down the common delivery time of around 45 minutes to under 10 minutes. We are going to be the pioneer of bringing healthy takeaway to the UK. We are hoping every other takeaway business will do the same when they see our success. We are hoping everybody in this country can have affordable healthy takeaways which will create to a better future for all of us.

    Our team

    Retailing business owner, former takeaway delivering company founder, top class chef, nutritionist and personal trainer. We are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and friends to the people we love. We are just the same as you so we know exactly what you want. We are a small team bringing big change to an old industry. We are dreamers of delivering the best food experience to those who deserve the best.

    Together, let’s make it happen

    We started in March with 4 business partners and all the capital we needed, but in June we lost two of our investors so everything had to be stalled. Now with your help, we can make this happen. Together, we can change the whole industry for the better. In the future, every catering business will be running on a healthy food basis to make a stronger and healthier country, and with your help, together, we will start the revolution.

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