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This project is a celebration of our community and the legacy that we create together for the children of Greenfield School.

by Greenfield School, Woking in Woking, England, United Kingdom

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Help us create a legacy for our pupils

Greenfield School is a growing and thriving community who share in the purpose of educating our pupils in a secure and nurturing environment to develop their confidence and self-esteem and prepare them for a dynamic future. We took a leap of faith in 2019 as we said goodbye to our original setting on Brooklyn Road and moved to our new home on Old Woking Road.  Today, we are delighted to find ourselves truly settled in our incredible new environment; offering our children space and opportunities that we had longed for.


What a journey those two years have been for us all. We are inspired and humbled by the fortitude of our pupils and the sense of community we have relied on to get to this exciting stage of our big move. Hearing the happy sounds of our pupils now happily reunited with their friends, returning to the warmth of this building and having the luxury of planning for our future is a privileged place to be and a moment to be shared.


Taking an, albeit, forced pause on the development of Old Woking Road, allowed us to take a moment to recognise this journey, honour it and use the experiences to learn, grow and carve out plans for the next incredible era of our lives and the legacy of our school.  We are now ready to ‘put down roots’ to begin the next stage of Greenfield School.


A Greenfield Education is not just about learning from a book. Engaging together in learning face-to-face and exposure to a comprehensive range of subject disciplines has a profoundly positive impact on a child’s learning and their sense of emotional safety in engaging with others. We foster and encourage curiosity, reward effort and will create innovative ways to invite children to level up their skills.


What does this space mean for our children’s learning?

Used carefully and intentionally, ample space will have a significant impact on our children’s learning and wellbeing.  Children crave the freedom to run and feel uninhibited.  They need spaces for reflection and calm contemplation.  With space, we have the freedom to invest in facilities that will expose our children to a greater range of experiences.


Ways in which we would like to maximise the use of our space:

  • A dynamic changing and exciting opportunity for pupils at Greenfield is the exponential uptick in their Digital Literacy.  We have the space and appetite for an investment that will capitalise on these incredible skills [see Reward: Multi-Media Room]. 


  • Sport boosts physical and mental fitness, but the skills we are able to nurture here have wider reaching consequences.  Team sports are about risk taking, a safe space to experiment with leadership and teach us valuable lessons in handling failure [see Reward: MUGA, Sports Hall, Football Posts].


  • Exposure to nature has a profoundly calming effect and helps us to heighten a readiness to learn, particularly in times of difficulty. We have designed this transitional area between our two buildings to create a Zen Garden for those all-important moments of reflection and introspection [see Reward: Paving Slabs, Flower Beds, Sculpture, Together When We Are Apart Community Bench and Teak Bench].


  • A purpose built space for Dance and Drama with those all-important features enabling our children an opportunity to experiment and learn about their physical potential in performance.  At the heart of our Dance and Drama programme, lie vital lessons in nurturing confidence and lay foundations for pupils as the orators, debaters and leaders of the future [see Reward: Dance and Drama Suite].


  • Our flourishing Music department at Greenfield consistently outgrow their allocated space and we long to return to the days of our bands, groups and orchestras filling the hallways with their music.  With double the number of students and a generous space to fill, we can’t wait to watch the continued trajectory of our pupils’ musical achievements [see Reward: Music Room, Music Pods].



Not all students are children and not all classrooms have four walls

At the heart of our attitude to teaching, is a constant process of mutual learning and the critical work of rethinking.  As the world continues to change and evolve, we are determined to continue on that path of evolving as a school.  We see our pupils advocating in conservation matters, plastic pollution concerns and representation in literature and roles of responsibility and we are committed to support them every step of the way.

This project sets our intention for the way we want to develop our educational offering and create a legacy for every single Greenfield pupil.

Don't take our word for it... we've received some really positive feedback:

"We wanted to email you to pass on our heartfelt thanks to the entire Greenfield team for supporting our daughter through what has probably been the most challenging time of her life."

"Team Greenfield supported her brilliantly in this period (at times when we fell short too) and gave her the encouragement and support she needed the most. We will be forever grateful to all of them for being there for her."

"We are immensely impressed with the school's rapid and flexible approach to these new circumstances. I know you will be proud of your staff, but I hope you take a moment to reflect on your positive leadership as well; it is among the many things that sets Greenfield apart."

"Also, I must say our son has been very happy going to school every morning since he started at Greenfield. There hasn't been a single day where he didn't want to go in, rather he would hurry me up in the morning so we don't get late. The teachers are amazing and take extra care to keep children motivated and bring out the best in them. We have only been at Greenfield since September and I must say as parents, we feel warm and welcome by teachers and other parents. Thank you for that."


How will we use the money?

‘The desire to reach hearts is wise and most possible.’ – Maya Angelou 

The money raised by Greenfield during this campaign will be used specifically to invest in facilities relative to the subject discipline chosen or to purchase items described (paving slabs, bricks, planters).  The intention behind the acquisition of these items is to provide additional opportunities for our children in line with our ethos, values and curriculum.

Please email our team at [email protected] if you have any further questions.


1621001282_screenshot_2021-05-14_at_15.06.13.png"Family Circle II" Sculpture by John Brown 

Our Rewards

The rewards on offer represent a number of ways that our community can become part of the Greenfield legacy and sets our intention for growth whilst retaining the values we represent - we cannot emphasise enough how important this is to us.  A full list of the rewards can be seen just to the right of this text.


If you have any queries about the rewards on offer or indeed have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated crowdfunding team at [email protected]


With regards to the naming of items, all suggestions are to be approved by the School Governors to ensure appropriateness and to avoid any duplication that may occur. 


The rewards are items that school will purchase and dedicate appropriately to sponsors, honouring agreed labelling and will be shared with thanks in an unveiling event once the relevant area of the school has been completed post development.  As our building works are due for completion in a number of stages to enable us to “decant” our classes from the temporary buildings and then commence groundworks on our new outdoor areas, some rewards will be revealed in advance of others.


Each donor will be contacted directly by the crowdfunding team in order to define inscriptions, dedications or quotes.  In the case of paving slabs, we will propose a standardised format of the inscription for your agreement.  Once the appropriate labelling has been agreed, we shall ensure that each reward is appropriately placed and properly maintained for its lifecycle.  In the event it might be damaged prematurely (within the first 10 years), the item will be replaced and replicated as closely as possible to the original specification.


Your brand

This crowdfunding campaign is a unique opportunity for your business to align with families in the Woking area.  We would love to hear from business owners keen to pursue sponsorship to talk you through options that could maximise brand exposure whilst investing in education.  

Areas of our new building will be open for external hire once launched and visitors will be welcomed regularly for fixtures and events.

Please email the team at [email protected] to discuss these options further.

About Greenfield School

Greenfield School has a rich history within Woking combined with a strong ethos, established by the founding Headmistress Ruth Hicks, and this remains at the forefront of the school’s philosophy today.

At Greenfield, we welcome families into our school community, not just children. We understand that if you are considering an independent education for your children, it is because you want to give them opportunities.  Our incredibly broad curriculum offers opportunities for all and enables us to identify strengths in every child and to build on them.

This approach to education has improved senior school entrance exam results and in the past three years, the 68 children who sat senior school entrance exams earned 44 scholarship offers. 

We take pride that Greenfield School is not your average preparatory school and it is on these already remarkable foundations that we want to build for the benefit of our pupils. Our move to Old Woking Road presents us with the opportunity to do just that, and we would like you to join us in Greenfield’s next Chapter.

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