Greener Habits- a Zero Waste Shop for Walthamstow

by Hannah Colbert in London, England, United Kingdom


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Help launch Greener Habits Co, a Zero Waste Shop in East London. Selling everything plastic free, ethical and vegan.

by Hannah Colbert in London, England, United Kingdom

If you are reading this, thank you for coming this far, and for watching my video. 

Greener Habits Co. is a self funded start-up, which began in my own bedroom just over a year ago. I started by selling a small range of plastic free and vegan home essential products online that I myself use and love. As well as being an online shop, I regularly attend lots of pop ups and markets too, helping people to access plastic free essentials all over London. So far I have helped over 3000 people make the swap to plastic free ethical products! 

But after living with 1000’s of bamboo toothbrushes and more Mooncups than one woman could possibly need, and as demand grew, I couldn't keep going as I was. I knew it was time to find Greener Habits its own home. A bigger space would give me the storage I so desperately need, and to start doing Zero Waste DIY workshops- think soap making, lip balm making, and nut milk straining. It would enable me to expand the product range too, and even stock bulk plastic free food- one of the biggest requests I get from my customers so far! It would also enable me to serve thousands of more customers than is currently possible. Which can only mean one thing- more people going plastic free and zero waste. 

But what's the problem with plastic? 

The consumption of plastics that are used only once is out of control, with more than 8 million tons of plastic waste entering the oceans and landfills every single year! This growing problem threatens the Earth’s ecosystems in a very frightening way, and if we do not drastically change our patterns of industrial consumption and production by 2050, the amount of plastic waste in the oceans is likely to exceed that of fish! 

Making more conscious choices, and changing our daily habits, can help change this reality, and the world. My aim, by opening a zero waste and plastic free shop in Walthamstow, is to help this corner of the world adapt Greener Habits by offering them choice and access too reusable, plastic free, earth and animal friendly products.

So why are we here? 

We have a shop premise already secured in Walthamstow, East London. After securing this wonderful location, we now need some help from you to make the rest happen. Every single penny that Greener Habits has made so far is going straight back into this project to help the planet, and the animals. But realistically it’s not enough to provide you with the first fully plastic free shop this area needs. Opening a shop in London is a good £30,000 job! Which is well out of the reach of most small start up's like mine. 

If you believe in this cause, please keep reading to find out more about how your help could make this dream a possibility. 

How will the money raised be spent? 

Glass Food dispensers (estimate £7,500) - The money raised will help to cover the costs of one of our biggest shop outgoings, the glass gravity dispensers. Just one of these glass dispensers alone costs £250, and obviously need quite a few of these! But since they are the most ethical option available, they are definitely worth the investment. I just couldn’t justify selling bulk plastic free food in containers that themselves were plastic and non recyclable. 

Bulk Food & Liquids Order (estimate £3,500)- Obviously to sell plastic free food and liquids, we need to order it. And that initial stock order is going to cost in the thousands! I want to be able to offer a large variety of products so everyone can find what they need, including items like pasta, rice, beans, and laundry detergent.

Glass jars, liquid dispensers, scoops, and food trays (£500) - to store all the foods not suitable for glass dispensers, and to create a section of DIY beauty. 

EPOS system and scales (estimate £1000) - To run a smooth bulk store, we need scales, two to be exact. And, a till computer and system to link everything up. 

Other equipment (estimate £3000) - Depending on what we manage to raise, we also hope to purchase additional exciting equipment such as a peanut butter machine, coffee grinder, dishwasher, and hopefully even a kombucha tap. 

Grow the Greener Habits Co Crew (ongoing cost)- to truly grow, and to also carry on with the online store and attending events, the team needs to grow. And I can't wait to welcome some more members into the team, to make Greener Habits a smoother operation, and you guys could help make that a possibility! 

What makes Greener Habits special?

  • Here at Greener Habits, we care deeply about the environment, and all of the animals within it. That’s why everything you find in our shop is 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly. That’s also why we choose to support animal sanctuaries. 5% of ALL profits go to FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary in Kent and you will also find certain bags and t-shirts are in collaboration with other sanctuaries such as Jacobs Ridge in Spain and Missionpawsible in Bali (a street dog rescue and rehabilitation charity). In total approximately 10% of all profits go to charity. As Greener Habits grows, I aim to start planting trees, doing group community clean ups, and support even more charities too. 
  • I also strive to work with and only stock other ethical companies that share my values, putting the planet, animals and people first. 
  • I use almost only reused packaging for all orders sent out, why? Because so much already exists in the world! I use packaging donated to me, from supermarkets, and even on occasion directly from a recycling bin.
  • So far, everything Greener Habits uses for event and market stall displays is second hand and upcycled, from the baskets and crates to the sign made of old floor boards. I aim to do the same with the shop fittings and even the paint- which has so far all been second hand. 

Who is Greener Habits Co?

Greener Habits Co was founded by Hannah Colbert. Hannah has lived in London for most of her life, but has always had a passion for travelling and exploring. She is a paediatric nurse, and worked most of her nursing career at Great Ormond street hospital, taking care of some of the sickest children in the world. But after travelling to different parts of the world, she quickly realised she needed to change her path and focus on looking after the planet too. That is when Greener Habits Co was born, just over a year ago. Hannah now, joined by her dog Khaleesi, spends most of her time packaging up orders with love and care to make sure each customer feels appreciated, and attending events to help as many people as possible access plastic free and vegan options. And when she isn’t busy with orders and market stalls, you might find her protesting with a placard somewhere.

Much love to you all, now lets change this world, one Greener Habits at a time!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Prize Draw

Pledge £10 or more, and you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win £100 of stock, of your choice!!! This will be valid in store, and online. And the winner can choose anything they like up to the value of £100! (If you already pledged more than £10, you will still be entered).

£25 or more

Greener Goodies

As a thank you, we will send you some Greener Habits Goodies- a bamboo toothbrush and a packet of bamboo cotton buds. You will also have your name put on our wall of fame.

£30 or more

Greener Goodies 1

As a thank you, some Greener Habits goodies will be delivered straight to your door. You'll get one soap bar (of your choice), a bamboo toothbrush, and a box of cotton buds. Plus, your name will be put on our wall of fame.

£50 or more

Greener Goodies 2

In this reward, as a thank you we will send you a Greener Habits Goodie bag. You will get 4 soap bars, a bamboo toothbrush and a packet of cotton buds, all lovingly packed in one of our hand made produce bags- which you can reuse for your bulk shopping in store! You will also get your name on our wall of fame. Plus, 10% off your first in store shop (or online).

£100 or more

Going Greener

As a thank you, you will receive a Greener Habits tote bag filled with lots of goodies, including 4 soap bars, 2 bamboo toothbrushes, a packet of cotton buds, and a cutlery pouch (embroidered with a motif of your choice), with cutlery and a bamboo straw. You will also have your name on our wall of fame. As well unlimited 10% off during our first month open (or 10% off the first 3 online orders).

£200 or more

Green Giant

For your giant donation, we will send you the Goodie Bag featured in 'Going Greener' in a Luxury shopper bag this time. You will also gain entry to 1 Greener Habits DIY class. Your name on our wall of fame. Plus, unlimited 10% discount for the first 3 months we are open. (Or online, 10% off your first 4 purchases).

£250 or more

2 of 17 claimed

Don't keep us in suspense, help us dispense!

This reward will help cover the cost of buying a glass food dispenser! And for helping us get one, we will name it after you! We will also send you the goodie bag featured in 'Going Greener', but this time in a Greener Habits branded Luxury Shopper Bag. You will also get entry to one DIY class of your choice, and we'll treat you to 10% all in store purchases for the first 6 months we are open.

£500 or more

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Eco Warrior

A true eco warrior walks amongst us.Your generous donation will help us purchase one of the more expensive items. As a thank you, you'll receive a branded luxury shopper bag filled with 4 soap bars, 4 bamboo toothbrushes, a packet of cotton buds, and a cutlery pouch, with cutlery and a bamboo straw. Entry to 2 DIY classes for you and a friend (or use them all yourself!).10% off in store for the first 6 months opened. Your name on our wall of fame

£1,000 or more

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Zero Hero

You are our true zero hero. Swoon. With this rewards, you will help purchase a larger item, and as a thank you, it will be named after you! We will also send you not one, but two Going Greener goodie bags for you and a friend, both in a branded luxury shopper bag. You and a friend will also get entry to 3 DIY classes each. As well as 10% off the first year we are open.

£1,000 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Business Badass

For this reward, you will help us purchase a bigger item, which we will then name after your company. You will also get entry to a private DIY class for you and your team/friends (up to 8 people maximum), and each of you will receive a couple of Greener Habits goodies complimentary and a discount code for any in store purchases that night (or online). I will also provide some zero waste snacks and drink, and hopefully a jolly good time.

Let's make 'Greener Habits- a Zero Waste Shop for Walthamstow' happen

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