Greenbirds is a speciality coffee shop and hub for community-driven change. Help us build on our market stall's success and find a home.

We did it!

On 30th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £20,152 of £20,000 target with 149 supporters in 43 days

Help Greenbirds speciality coffee shop and hub for community driven change find a permenant home

By bringing people together over great coffee and food, Greenbirds aims to tackle loneliness and isolation, offer practical help to make a difference in our local area and generate profits to create sustainable jobs.

We currently operate a profitable stall on Acton Market every Saturday with a well-established local customer base. Our ambition is to move off the market, partnering with local venues to open pop-up coffee shops before securing permant premises in 2018.

As a first step we are aiming to open a pop-up shop on Churchfield Road, a popular high street in central Acton close to our current base on Acton Market, as well as expand our menu to include light meals and espresso-based drinks. To do this we are partnering with Vindinista –

Why Greenbirds?

West London faces huge challenges. Rapidly changing demographics, long working hours, addiction and spiralling housing costs are all contributing to epidemics of inequality, ill health and social isolation. Business has often been part of the problem but we believe it can be part of the solution.

The way people meet has changed. Where communities were previously based around pubs, coffee shops are fast becoming the primary meeting place on the UK high street, breaking down cultural and economic barriers. Greenbirds' vision is to bring people together as a community to address the challenges we see around us every day. By providing a safe space to meet and engage, the opportunity to join in with local projects and events and sustainable jobs we will change West London for the better.

The business bit

The coffee industry is growing rapidly. Retail sales grew 15% last year and turnover across the industry is set to double by 2025. What’s more West London is poorly served by high-quality coffee shops, making Acton with its rapidly growing young-professional and family demographics the ideal place for budding coffee entrepreneurs. Greenbirds wants to harness this rapid growth for our community.

 An expanded menu

Change won’t come for free. To support our community ambitions, Greenbirds must be a sustainable business. Pour over coffee and Scandinavian baking are our specialties and what we are known for, however one of the key opportunities offered by a pop-up is the chance to expand our menu to provide espresso-based drinks, high quality lunches and light snacks to the thousands of people who live and work in Acton. To complement our existing artisan coffee range, made from beans roasted here in London, we will be serving smorgasbord sandwiches on our delicious home-made bread, soups, an expanded range of baking and sweet treats, and a variety of artisan espresso drinks.

Community events

Opening a pop-up venue will allow us to kick-start our event programme. We’ve got all sorts of exciting things planned, both social and community-focused.

Our target

To go ahead with our planned pop-ups and begin the groundwork for our planned move into permanent premises in 2018 we need to raise £20,000 in support.

This will cover the cost of new equipment, including our espresso machine, as well as allow us to hit the ground running in terms of staffing costs, supplies and training.

We can’t do it without you.


As if the prospect of community-driven change wasn’t exciting enough, we are offering all sorts of rewards to tempt you to get involved. Take a look at the options at the side of this page. Please note there might be a charge for international shipping but wherever you a from we appreciate your help.


Where can we find you?

At the moment you can find us on Acton Market every Saturday from 10-4pm -

How can we get in touch to find out more?

By emailing Also don’t forget to following us on Facebook and Instagram to keep track of our progress and find out more about our pop-ups.

 Where do the profits go?

Greenbirds reinvests its profits in building up the business to create sustainable jobs. When incorporated the company will be wholly owned by a charity and the board responsible to its trustees.

How did Greenbirds get its name?

It's fine - people ask a lot. Greenbirds is named after the parakeets you can find all over West London. Once they were just a small group but now they are a huge part of the community. Anyone is welcome to join our flock.

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