A Green MP for Tameside

A Green MP for Tameside

To raise funds for the General Campaign for Stalybridge & Hyde, Ashton-Under-Lyne and Denton & Reddish

We did it!

On 24th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £545 of £500 target with 18 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Fantastic! We've raised the deposit for one of our candidates - two more to go!

Please share and give what you can today.

We need to raise a deposit to stand Green Party candidates in Stalybridge & Hyde, Ashton-Under-Lyne and Denton & Reddish constituencies, and we would like to fund a leaflet through every door in Tameside.

The Green Party don't have large corporate donors - we depend on people like you to fund all the good work that we do!  If you want a Green MP in your area, we need you to help us stand.

What your Donations will be spent on:

Deposit: £500.  To stand in a general election costs £500 per constituency.  This is a tiny amount to parties with corporate backing, but we rely on many small donations to be able to reach this target.  To stand in all three constituencies would cost £1500.

A leaflet through every door:  We'd like to get our message out to every house in Tameside.  Every penny we raise after the deposits will go towards funding leaflets across the borough.

Meet the Candidates!

Stalybridge & Hyde - Jenny Ross

Jenny Ross has been a leading light of the Manchester political scene since she made her first characteristically humour-laden speech against austerity at the annual May Day Rally 2012. Two years of solid activism followed, where she marched in support of the NHS, against the Bedroom Tax and threw herself into defending the UK against fracking on the front line at Barton Moss, culminating in her MC-ing the 2,000 strong anti-fracking rally in Manchester City Centre and the even bigger People's Climate March outside the Labour Party Conference.She passionately believes in social and environmental justice, and knows that the Green Party are the only party offering policies to tackle the urgent dual problems of widening inequality and increasing environmental chaos. Her priorities are taking a stand against austerity and building a sustainable future where the economy is refocused on local communities and away from multi-national corporations.She was honoured to be selected as the Green Party's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stalybridge and Hyde, where she has lived for the past seven years, and where she has worked tirelessly against the development of hydraulic fracturing and coal bed methane extraction in the UK and Tameside – which came under license under the 14th Onshore and Offshore Round. Alongside campaigners from Friends of the Earth and Mossley Environmental Action Group she has lobbied Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council into taking into consideration the many negative health, economic and environmental affects of allowing the industry a foothold in the beautiful hills of Tameside.She still works as a stand-up comedienne and writer – a career that began in her early twenties when she won the BBC New comedy Award – before branching out into TV presenting, scriptwriting, journalism and magazine editing. She lives in Mossley with her partner, son and dog.

Ashton-Under-Lyne - Charlotte Hughes

The Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Ashton under Lyne is Charlotte Hughes.

Charlotte is a well known local activist and campaigner, who has shown herself willing to stand up and be counted for social justice and the environment. Charlotte has taken part in several marches in Manchester against the government cuts and has appeared on television debating with Junior Minister Brandon Lewis about the council tax supplement.

She campaigns weekly outside the Job Centre in Ashton against sanctions and issues relating to benefit reforms. The job centre in Ashton has one of the highest rates of sanctioning in Greater Manchester and Charlotte provides individual advice to people affected by job centre decisions. She has developed a great deal of expertise in this area and provides an invaluable service to vulnerable people.

She was a regular presence at the Barton Moss anti-fracking protests and was amongst the group who lobbied Tameside Council about their attitude to fracking. When the council stated that they were not against fracking in principle Charlotte collected signatures on a petition to the council asking them to ban fracking on environmental and health grounds. She continues her activities against fracking as well as her involvement in anti-austerity campaigning.

Her work has raised the profile of Tameside Green Party and her Blog is followed by over 9100 people. Charlotte also writes a weekly column in the Morning Star. Her election campaign will highlight the social justice and environmental policies that show how much the Green Party cares for the Common Good.

If you want to see a Green Party candidate on the ballot paper on May 7th, we need your donation to help us run a successful campaign.

Please note:

There are local elections on the same day which we will be contesting, and funds over our initial target may be partially allocated to local elections.  Leaflets, for example, may promote local election candidates as well as general election candidates.

Any unspent donations at the end of the election will be donated to Tameside Green Party.

Donations of over £50 must come from registered electors.  If you are unsure whether you can donate, please contact us to find out.

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