Green Peterborough By Election Fund

by Fiona Radic in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

Green Peterborough By Election Fund
We did it
On 30th June 2019 we successfully raised £230 with 13 supporters in 41 days

Green MP for Peterborough 2019 By Election

by Fiona Radic in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

Thank you!

Thank you for backing our Crowdfunder.

Our early Crowdfunder backers have raised almost a third of the £500 parliamentary deposit. In a normal Westminster election, we'd expect to lose this because so many voters feel they can't vote the way they want. So we have no choice but to plan on this basis.

But there was another hill we had to surmount in the early days of Joseph's campaign. Peterborough Green Party was busy with local and European elections and our by election campaign simply couldn't be given the attention it needed in its earliest days. So the Crowdfunder stood still for a while.

However Joseph Wells has turned that everything around by building a warm and approachable presence in the heart of the by election campaign. To the extent that two other candidates on the ballot paper have endorsed him: meaning they'd choose to vote for him if their own party wasn't standing! This is an astonishing achievement for someone standing for parliament for the first time.

It is fair to add that this is not the usual kind of Westminster election, and polling intentions are going in directions they've never gone before, so the first thing we'd like you to do is to #VoteGreen If enough people #VoteGreen2019 we would get our deposit back! If we succeeded in this, we would be able to recycle any surplus into our leaflet fund for our next election campaign.

So as well as giving you all a very warm thank you, we'd love you to give us a bit of a push. Our Crowdfunder will continue to run for another fortnight and we'd love you to share it please. You could use social media, an email, a message to let your contacts know that they could join you and back Joseph's campaign. Each of your shares could bring in as much as £20 from backers we don't even know. With nine supporters today, five shares each could bring in 45 x £20. We'd hit our target and we'd overshoot it. 

Please don't underestimate the power of sharing! There is power in a crowd! 

Thank you again.

Fiona Radic #VoteGreen2019


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