Green Party Pack

by Molly John in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Green Party Pack
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To pay for a new set of reusable kids party plates, bowls, cups and 2 jugs.

by Molly John in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Inspired by a recent BBC article about various schools who’ve adopted a system to reuse kids party plates, bowls and cups.

I think most of us are guilty of chucking disposables away at some point as a means of convenience, but how nice would it be to never have to do that again?  

If we all chip-in, even just a little bit, whatever you can afford, I think we could be on to something! £25.85 pays for a brand new set of 24 plastic cups, 24 plastic plates and 24 plastic bowls and 2 plastic jugs from IKEA including delivery, and I’ve taken £5 off of that meaning I will keep the first person’s deposit. The next person to borrow the party pack will pay the previous person £5 deposit and will receive it back when they pass it onto the next person. 

Now you may wonder whether buying new from IKEA is the greenest option or not, It isn’t. However, I have had a look around and can’t see any secondhand that would fit the bill, so in this instance, with the result being one that is more eco-friendly than buying disposables and/or various people buying new, I think it would suit the purpose. 

Anyone is welcome to get involved in the scheme, regardless of whether you’ve donated towards the cost or not. 

Conditions of usage would mean that you are required to pay £5 which would be returned to you by the next person assuming that it’s all clean and in good working order and with any missing items replaced. 

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