Green Party MPs for the UK General Election 2017

Green Party MPs for the UK General Election 2017

The Green Party is raising money to stand candidates on 8th June who will put you first in Westminster as MPs.

We did it!

On 9th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £735 with 18 supporters in 42 days

The Green Party is putting you first.

We are standing candidates in the upcoming General Election on Thursday 8th June to fight for:

  • your say on a final Brexit deal
  • your equality
  • your public services

To do this, we also need your help. Each candidate has to pay a deposit of £500.  For a party like the Green Party, which doesn't have large corporate backers and relies on donations from ordinary people like you, this cost can be prohibitive.

But with your help, we can send a clear message to Westminster and stand a strong team of Green Party candidates.

Any money you give will go into this election campaign. The Green Party are closer than ever before to getting an MP in Northern Ireland. Any money you can spare will push us that little bit closer, and we'll be able to put you first in Westminster.

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