Green Party MPs for Newcastle upon Tyne

by Lee Irving in Newcastle upon Tyne

Green Party MPs for Newcastle upon Tyne
We did it
On 8th March 2015 we successfully raised £1,185 with 69 supporters in 28 days

Help us raise the money to be able to stand three Green Party candidates in the Newcastle for the 2015 General Election.

by Lee Irving in Newcastle upon Tyne

New stretch target

Thank you, Thank you

We have reached our initial target but would like to push on to help fund the election leaflets in order to help us get the message out. Each constituency will cost us £800 to generate the leaflet what will be used as part of campaign.

General Election 2015

We are appealing for donations so that every voter in Newcastle can vote Green on 7th May.

We have to put up a 'deposit' of £500 for each candidate, just to appear on the ballot paper.  This is meant to prevent frivolous candidates at elections, but merely discriminates against parties with widespread support but few big financial backers.  The deposit is an unacceptable price on democracy, and long-standing Green Party policy is to scrap the deposit payment and replace it with greater evidence of support from voters.

After the failure of the big parties to change tack following the financial crash of 2008, we are more determined than ever that an alternative vision should be shared, for an economy that is both more sustainable and more fair. And our response to the catastrophic invasion of Iraq in 2003 must be to stand up more strongly for human rights and international justice, not retreat into a small island mentality.

So we are now asking you, the voters, to support our candidates with a small personal donation.  Our target of £1,000 will pay for two deposits, and ensure that all three of our candidates can appear on the ballot paper on 7th May.  We have three great candidates for the
May General Election.



Andrew Gray is standing in Newcastle East 

Here he is at a blockade of Britain's nuclear bomb factory, where millions are being spent on the next generation of nuclear weapons, while Council services for poor and vulnerable people are being cut to the bone.   

Andrew works in a library, where he is an active member of his Trade Union and has campaigned for proper contracts for hourly-paid staff. Locally, he champions neighbourhood services and the local economy, along with his international campaigning for a more peaceful world.


Alison Whalley is our candidate for Newcastle North.

Alison has been very supportive of the campaign to keep East Coast rail in public ownership, and of Caroline Lucas' bill to re-nationalise the railways.

Alison works as a benefits advisor.  She has led calls for payment of a citizen's income, as a long-term vision to remove the poverty trap and make the economy work for everyone.  Alison opposes the imposition of market forces on public services, and campaigns locally to put the public back into the heart of the NHS.


Alexander Johnson is the Newcastle Central candidate.

Alex was instrumental in establishing Newcastle Young Greens, and graduated from Northumbria University in 2014.  He has researched the politics of fracking and led calls for our two universities to Go Fossil Free.

Many thanks for reading this far. If you want to be super-generous and donate a large sum, we will need your name and address, so that we can check that you are a permissable donor under the law.  For individuals, that means that you must be on the electoral register if donating £500.  If you are a business or organisation, please get in touch.

Promoted by Tony Waterston on behalf of Newcastle Green Party, both of 20 Burdon Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3AE.


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