Green Party MP candidate for Warley

Project by robert-buckman

To raise the money to be able to stand the first ever Green Party candidate in the constituency of Warley in the General Election this May

We did it!

On 3rd Mar 2015 we successfully raised £500 of £500 target with 26 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Our Stretch Target is £1,000


We will use this money to support the promotion of this and other important campaigns across Sandwell.

The Green Party don't have the same level of financial backing that the other parties have, therefore we lack the money required to stand MPs all over the UK.

We are looking to raise sufficient funds to field the first ever Green MP candidate for Warley in Sandwell.

The Deposit required to stand as an MP is £500 per constituency. This is ostensibly to deter those who are not serious, but in reality it ensures only a certain type of person can stand, and prevents those from poorer backgrounds or without the backing of multimillionaires from getting anywhere. With your help, we can raise the funds to break through this barrier.

Those in Warley who used the Vote for Policies website chose Green Party policies above those of any other party. If you, like us, believe that this means that the voters in Warley should at least be given the chance to vote Green in next year's election then please donate to our campaign.

If you would like to see Warley's latest results or take the test yourself then please follow this link:

For more about the Green Party of England and Wales please visit our website:


Please ensure that you are on the electoral register as this is a requirement for donating to a political party.

If you would like to pledge £500 or more then we will need your personal contact details and address, another requirement for political parties.

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