Green Party West Central London appeal by Hugh Small

Raise funds for General Election campaign

We did it!

On 9th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £580 of £500 target with 12 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Any additional pledges above the £500 minimum target will help to pay for printing local leaflets in our 5 constituencies, some of which Royal Mail will deliver free to every address. These leaflets will highlight the benefits that Green Party policies will bring to local residents and businesses. 

Raising funds for Green Party's General Election campaign in Central London.

Don't forget that under the public funding rules Parliament gives us a small amount of funding every year based on the number of votes we receive nationwide, as long as we have at least one MP in Parliament as we have now. We use these funds to develop policies which are frequently used by other Parties and by Government to create their own policies, for the common good.

A vote for the Green Party is therefore NEVER wasted. Failure to vote at all is a vote for the Parties which do not need the small public funds because they have rich supporters. 

For an explanation of flagship Green Party policies see my web site

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