Mark Bray-Parry Guildford Green Party Candidate -

Help fund the Green Party's 2017 General Election campaign in Guildford.

We did it!

On 27th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £305 with 12 supporters in 42 days

We are extremely proud to be able to offer people the chance to vote for us but, as a grassroots party, we can't rely on non-doms and big business donations to clear the path to democracy for us.

We are looking to raise £1,500. This money will go towards fielding a candidate in Guildford and spreading the word about the Green message through leafletting, canvassing and events.

Our members have already been working extremely hard to pick up the bulk of our costs but we do need that final push from all those supporters and activists out there who believe in equality not poverty, public services in public hands and power to communities.

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If you pledge £500 or over (which would be amazing!), you must be willing to provide your contact details and address.

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