Green Party Macclesfield & Congleton Campaign

Green Party Macclesfield & Congleton Campaign

We need to raise £1100 for our Royal Mail delivered leaflets for Macclesfield and the election deposit for Congleton.

We did it!

On 25th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £1,310 of £1,100 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target


Thank you so much to everyone who has backed us so far.  You are amazingly generous and we are so grateful.


We have stretched the target as we are also trying to get John Knight and Lindy Brett elected to Cheshire East Council.  Any surplus will go towards leaflets and surveys.

Project aim

We need to raise £1100 for our Royal Mail delivered leaflets for Macclesfield and election deposit for Congleton and really need your help please.  We have held coffee mornings and a car boot but are still short of our target.

About the project

Cheshire East Green Party have selected prospective parliamentary candidates to stand in the constituencies of Macclesfield and Congleton.

Joan Plimmer

Alec Heath

However, we need financial support to do this and get our message out to voters!

Please can you please help us today?Any amount you feel able to give will be warmly appreciated and will go directly to our election fund. (Anyone involved with the local party is a volunteer; we have no paid positions.)If you donate more than £50 to us, under UK election law you need to be on the electoral register and therefore we will need to know your identity in order to check this. (It is our responsibility to do so.) We also have internal Green Party rules about donations from businesses.Please email if you wish to donate more than £500 or if you wish to ask any other questions.The limit for anonymous donations is £50.Can you please help us raise £1100?

Greens are not bankrolled by big business interests or union funding. Our policy making is free of interference, decided entirely by members present at our spring and autumn conferences. (One member, one vote.)However, this does mean we need assistance from party members, supporters and other people we seek to represent when the expenditure of a general election comes around.It costs £500 to stand for parliamentary election in the UK (which is only returned if you get 5% of the vote). This fee is allegedly to deter time-wasters, but in effect it deters less well-funded candidates from standing. It is like a tax on democracy.And that is only the price of being on the ballot paper. A simple posted leaflet to both entire constituencies prior to the election will cost us £1100 (even with postage costs removed). To compete with other well-funded candidates will therefore cost us upwards of £1000 per candidate if we want to reach every voter with a leaflet.We have set ourselves a target here to raise £1100 for the election for our candidates, as this is essential for us to stand.  Any further funds raised will help us get the Green message out there.

It is vitally important for democracy in the UK that the Green view is presented to voters at a general election. A mostly right-wing media is inevitably hostile to us, but we will continue pushing to make our policies known. 

We have trebled our party membership in the past 12 months, which is astonishing, and testament to the hunger for political change making itself felt. Our membership has now zoomed past that of both UKIP and the Lib Dems.Change is comingThe Green Party stands for real change that prioritises the needs of people and the environment. We are the only nationwide party opposing the damaging economic narrative of austerity and the privatisation of public services. We believe in: •  A living wage of £10/hour, eventually leading to a citizen's income for all•  Significant investment in a low carbon economy to create jobs and help tackle climate change•  Meaningful action on tax avoidance/evasion, with a properly resourced and accountable HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs)•  Building truly affordable housing and capping rents•  Scrapping tuition fees•  A re-nationalised railway system•  A wholly public NHS•  A land value tax system to replace business rates and council tax, and help redistribute wealth•  Fundamental monetary reform to curb the power of the banks•  Opposing undemocratic trade deals like TTIP•  A referendum on EU membership•  Devolved power wherever practical and a written constitutionWe believe in co-operation and democracyWe believe in supporting those in needWe believe in narrowing the gap between rich and poorWe believe in a sustainable societyWe believe in the common goodA full list of our principles and policies can be found at

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