Green Party Election Campaign in Cornwall

We need your help to raise much needed funds to run our biggest ever Green Party general election campaign in the lead up to May 2015!

We did it!

On 20th Jan 2015 we successfully raised £2,020 of £1,600 target with 103 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Wow! We have reached our target. Thank you for pledging to make our first leaflet possible. We did it!!! Production meeting has been set! We're on it! 

Our stretch target is £4,000

This is a great chance for us to reach even more people in Cornwall. There is SO much we could do with additional funds.

  • A second leaflet and a social media advertising campaign are top of our list and this extra money would allow us to do both.
  • Another leaflet to be delivered closer to the general election is vital and a well thought out, organised campaign on social media will enable us to communicate our four main messages to many more people in Cornwall! 

This is the time to vote for real change in British politics, so please pledge whatever you can to help us let people in Cornwall know that the Green Party are here.

For the first time ever, the Green Party is fielding four candidates across all the Mid & East Cornwall constituencies, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to vote Green in the 2015 General Election.

To do that, we need £1,600 to produce 100,000 x A4 leaflets that Green Party members and supporters are ready to deliver.

We’re urging people across Cornwall and beyond to pledge what they can today. Every pound you give will allow us to reach over 60 voters – voters who could turn Mid and East Cornwall Green and change the way that politics is done in the UK.


The Green Party is funded by its members and supporters meaning we are able to stand true to our principles and policies. We need the people of Cornwall to help us work for positive change by backing us to run an effective election campaign in 2015.

We think that people in Cornwall deserve better pay (£10 minimum wage), better job opportunities (New Green jobs and a living wage), affordable housing and the chance to create real change in politics that benefits people and planet.

Green surge

It’s just five months until the general election and there’s a Green surge around the country. Membership of the Green Party is up 100% this year, and we’re polling higher than ever before.

But to take advantage of this, we need help to raise much needed funds to run Mid and East Cornwall’s biggest ever Green Party general election campaign in the lead up to May 2015.

This is one side of a FIRST DRAFT of the leaflet we are hoping to produce. We are lucky enough to have a graphic designer on board finding the time to produce this for us at no cost. We are planning on a proper photo shoot for candidates and will be doing a lot more work on content. 

Please help us print and deliver 100,000 copies of our leaflet by pledging today…..

First draft leaflet for Cornwall Green Party

*For pledges of £500 or more, you'll need to provide your contact details.

*Make your voice heard. Register here to vote in the 2015 General Election.

We're also looking for helpers!


Please get in touch to join our local constituency teams to help with a coordinated leaflet drop. This can be done at a time convenient to you only, or with a group of people at a time convenient to all.

Social Media

For our Crowdfunder project to be a success, we really need your help in sharing it far and wide! Please share with as many people as possible. Share on social media and by email with friends, family, work colleagues, and any organisations or local businesses you think might support us.

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