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Green Life reminds us about easy behaviour changes we can adopt to live a simple, happy and ultra low carbon emission life.

by Yann Vallery in London, England, United Kingdom

We, as a species, are facing an unprecedented challenge to our survival. All studies point that within the next few years, we will reach a carbon level in the atmosphere that will trigger an unstoppable chain of disasters precipitating human extinction.

It seems that protests, government policies and generally “big ideas” are often inefficient as they come in the way of the economy. The economy is in turn driven by consumerism. 

What if we could shift consumer behaviour toward a zero carbon footprint economy? 


Here is what we can do: adopting sustainable practices to live a simpler, more fulfilling life. Easy habits to pick up that eventually redefines our relationship with health, wealth and happiness.

How can we do it?

Getting together to find and remind ourselves about simple tips to implement the pillar of sustainability. Connect with local initiatives and feed suggestions to the portal communities to nurture a flow of life changing ideas.1599690929_screenshot_2020-09-09_at_22.02.55.png

Green Life offers a self hosted Content Management System that you can use to submit your suggestions. It might reach out to the whole Green Life network in a matter of hours!

Donations will primarily help to build communities across continents, countries and neighbourhoods. 

Sounds good! What about the apps?

World's is burning. Clock is ticking. Time to do something.Green Life suggests, once a day, a simple habit to reduce our carbon footprint. A suggestion delivered as a mobile notification. Those habits are easy to pick up. They are small. They are about reusing what you have. Turning disposable into commodities. Turning inefficiencies into opportunities. Putting our soul back into every gesture. Feeling a newfound gratitude in the process. A lifestyle in harmony with nature where wellbeing is granted and peace is found.  

Simple nudges. One small change at a time.

Why do we need funds?


Green Life needs your help to build itself. The future of Green Life is entirely in your hands. The systemic change we seek to achieve requires a very large adoption of the app that is only possible through rapid expansion. This means we are not bootstrapping the project but rewarding those who are part of it. 

All the funds collected will spent on growth: 

  • Finding ambassadors and rewarding them
  • Building Green Life communities
  • Scaling the platform
  • Marketing campaigns

Can I contribute? 

Yes please!


Contributing will help you to rethink everything. It brings hope. It brings peace.

All you need is a bit of time and to let your creative side express itself. Talking about Green Life is already contributing :) The more people can be reached, the greater the reduction of carbon. If you can do more, there are many other ways you can contribute.   

Thank you

Thanks for being there. It means you care. It means there is hope. Whatever you can give. Time or money. It's great to have you. We need each other.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

The Green Link

You're a Green Life messenger. You will be sent some flyers spread the words.

£50 or more

Activist pack

Consider yourself on the front line of our guerilla marketing campaign! You'll get packs stickers and flyers to spread the message of hope and urgency.

£300 or more

Green Lifer: Guerilla Art pack

You'll get a large canvas featuring one of our original art. You will become a Green Lifer: this is the promise of life of happiness! I will personally interview you as you're a legend who can probably inspire the movement

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