Green Land - buy land, return it to nature

Green Land - buy land, return it to nature

At a time where Climate Change is defining how we are going to live in the future, we feel its time we take real action to help our planet.

We did it!

On 2nd Aug 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Most of us on this planet dont want to live in a concrete jungle, devoid of life and nature. With Climate Change - our very planet is on the cusp of being defined by human activity, and not for the better! Human population rises and the need to use our natural resources increase, which doesnt leave space for wildlife to thrive, it only survives. 

So, here at GreenLand project we have an exciting new project for people who believe in giving back to our planet, our aim is to buy land that was planned for development and return it to nature - Simple. Yes we understand development is inevitable, but nature also needs a home.  

By returning it to nature however it doesn't mean we just buy it and leave it alone, we look at the area it is in and look at the needs for nature. For example, in a city with little or no flowers which means no food for birds, bees, and insects we create a green space full of nectar rich plants and trees to bring homes and food to nature. 

Our goal is simple, give nature a planet again. If you believe in our planet and want to see it become beautiful again we can do our bit one space at a time and we can do this better if we come together. If you do love your planet, please invest in us, the return is priceless...

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