David Melvin - A Green MP for Halton

David Melvin - A Green MP for Halton

We are aiming to raise the deposit for a Green Party candidate in Halton constituency in 2015.

We did it!

On 8th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £260 of £250 target with 10 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Fantastic!  We've raised the deposit and there will be a Green candidate on the ballot paper in Halton!

Now we need to get the message out - help us get leaflets through doors across the constituency!

If you've already given, thank you!  Please share with your friends, family and colleagues.

If you haven't donated yet, please give what you can and then share on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you can.

Project aim

We are aiming to raise the deposit for a Green Party candidate in Halton constituency in 2015.

About the Project

The project is to raise the deposit for Halton constituency so we can stand a Green Party candidate.  We have already raised £250 from other sources, so we need to raise £250 more in order to pay the deposit.  Any additional money will be spent on campaign materials in the area.

The Green Party don't have large corporate donors - we depend on people like you to fund all the good work that we do!  If you want a Green MP in your area, we need you to help us stand.

What your Donations will be spent on:

Deposit: £250.  To stand in a general election costs £500 per constituency.  This is a tiny amount to parties with corporate backing, but we rely on many small donations to be able to reach this target.  We have raised £250 already, and are seeking a further £250 to enable us to stand in Halton.

A leaflet through every door:  We'd like to get our message out to every house in Halton.  Every penny we raise after the deposit will go towards funding leaflets across the constituency.

Meet the Candidate - David Melvin!

Warrington and Halton Green Party have selected David Melvin as the Parliamentary Candidate for the Halton Constituency. David was a full time trade union official, employment lawyer and Labour Party member. He is now a member of Unite the Union and the Green Party.David believes that 2015 is probably the most important General Election since 1945 which established the NHS. The NHS is now under threat of continued privatisation from the Con-Dem government and the failure of Labour to be an effective  opposition."The three main parties and now UKIP are essentially neoliberal and provide no alternative to continued austerity and cuts in public services." David describes Labour as "little different from the Tories on the issues that matter; such as continuing supportfor austerity, renewing Trident and fracking."It is the Green Party that is providing leadership on these and other issues. "In some ways the Green Party reminds me of how the Labour Party used to be. Labour isn't Labour any more."

If you want to see a Green Party candidate on the ballot paper on May 7th, we need your donation to help us run a successful campaign.

Please note:

There are local elections on the same day which we will be contesting, and funds over our initial target may be partially allocated to local elections.  Leaflets, for example, may promote local election candidates as well as general election candidates.

Any unspent donations at the end of the election will be donated to Warrington & Halton Green Party.

Donations of over £50 must come from registered electors.  If you are unsure whether you can donate, please contact us to find out.

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