Green family solar project

Green family solar project

We wish to add solar and heating panels to our home to reduce carbon emissions.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 We as a familiar are the average family using electric and gas to power and heat our home.

We are a family of four which are concerned about the environment and the effect we are having on not only future people on the planet but also people around the world today.

Originally british we spent time living in Germany where the amount of wind and Solar power was amazing.  Almost every building had some form of panel attached.  From the block of flats in the city to the farm shed roof in the countryside. We believe the UK should be the same (showing consider

We aim to reduce our carbon output as much as we can and have already made the steps to insulating our home, replacing all bulbs with energy efficient bulbs or LED's recycling as much as is possible.

We wish to add solar and heating panels to our home but do not have the capital in place to make this happen.  We pledge for help to add panels to our home and reduce the worlds carbon emissions before price rises take this option further away from us.