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Produce more organic food, protect our environment, create a truly sustainable food system

We did it!

On 18th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £30,671 with 438 supporters in 35 days

* £’s and UK crowdfunding because there was more flexibility.

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  • What the money will be used for:

We believe that the protection of our fragile environment is the highest priority we have, the money raised will help achieve this goal.

The money from this campaign will help us complete our new packing shed and install rainwater harvesting and solar power generation on our organic farm.

This will enable us to grow our organic farm, it will enable us to reach more families with our weekly delivery of organic boxes.  It will enable us to provide more local rural employment, and fundamentally produce more food sustainably.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Meade.

  • Our Vision (The Why and the How)

“Using food as a force for positive change by putting the well-being of our environment at the centre of every decision we make”

We believe that producing food with respect for nature and for the multitude of creatures we share this planet with is the only way to farm.

We believe that we can do this by providing an alternative to the mainstream, by growing and providing healthy sustainable food, by conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable way, with respect for all at its beating heart.

We hope to readdress the imbalance in our food system by encouraging other farmers to convert to organic, by supporting their efforts to grow and sell their produce.

Our aim is to change the way people view and consume food and through increasing awareness change the impact our food has on the planet for the better. 

We want to recreate our own “Green Revolution” and bring farming back to the skilled art it once was.

Food choices are a powerful force for change.

  • Who we are

Our organic journey in the West of Ireland began in 2004, when myself and my wife Jenny moved back to Ireland to take over my grandfather’s farm.

Converting my grandfather’s land to organic and growing food organically just seemed like the right thing to do.

I wonder what my grandfather would think of his grandson: a doctor of organic chemistry having spent 10 years working in the chemical industry, taking up the family farming mantle as an organic farmer!

In 2004 we planted 3000 trees, last year we planted a further 200. We have planted wild hedge-rows, we have left 2 acres of the farm as a natural wild habitat.

We have 6 bee hives on our farm, we use green manures to enrich our soil and prevent nutrients leaching.  We have planted native Irish apple trees and of course we grow acres and acres of mixed organic vegetables.

After a humble beginning on a quarter of an acre, all of my granddad's land is now farmed organically, and this very year we have taken the step to put another 18 acres of local land into organic conversion.

In 2006 it was just myself, my wife Jenny and my dad, doing all the jobs, now there are 25 people dependent on our farm for their livelihoods.

In rural Ireland where we are based we are providing much needed local employment, many of our team live in the locality.

Our first van left our farm in May 2006 and we delivered 30 boxes. Today we are delivering between 700-800 boxes every week to families all over Ireland.

We are doing all this here on our farm in Galway from the back of our house, we are working out of a small shed, out of containers, in our tunnels, on pallets, where-ever and however we can to get the job done and against all the odds we have created a thriving vibrant community based around sustainable food.

  • Our Journey

The journey has been challenging, tearful at times, and exhilarating at others, a journey like we never imagined. Over the past 5 years we have been fighting tooth and nail to get a bank loan to help secure our future, to help grow our farm and business, and to help create and grow our organic farm here in the West of Ireland.

We have secured the backing of the government who are supporting us with a grant to help realise our dream.  But one bank after another turned down our application for a loan.

Just this year when we thought the final bell had tolled, a longterm customer offered to provide part of the funding that helped us to secure a loan to help make our new home a reality.

Now we have the opportunity to do something amazing, to have a real impact on our food system and to inspire others to take the same path.

We have the scale and the support to really make a difference, to get our boxes to even more families, to get others to take note and see that it can be done, that it works, and fundamentally it makes a difference.

We have the cleanest rainwater in Europe, we want to use this fresh water that comes in off the Atlantic ocean, to water and wash our vegetables in our poytunnels, free from fluoride and leached chemicals.

Renewable energy is the best way we have to reduce climate change, generating our own electricity here locally on site will help us realise our dream of a completely sustainable food system.

  • Thank You and Will you help us?

All that we have accomplished so far has happened because of the unwavering support of my family, my friends, and now the fantastic team of people I find myself surrounded by and of course our amazing customers that support our farm by getting an organic box delivered each week.

It is not easy to ask for help, but we do need your support.  We need your help to create a new packing shed on our farm. It is of course much more than a building it is a place of change, a place of gathering, a place of community, a place YOU can come and visit, a place of learning, and more than anything else a place that provides for a better future for our children and our planet. 

We have secured 85% of the funding we need, but we need your support to complete the project and install a rainwater harvesting system and the solar panels that will generate our electricity.

Your HELP is a vote for a better food system and you can MAKE a difference. Will you help us create a truly sustainable food system?


Kenneth, Jenny and all the team at Green Earth Organics

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You can call us here 091-793768/01-4600467

We have amazingly active healthy eating Facebook group and you can join it here:

  • Here are some photos from life on our farm. Our mission statement is right at the bottom.



Our mission:

  1. Growing local organic food, thus reducing our carbon footprint.
  2. Growing crops without chemicals - protecting our soil and water and protecting the food we eat.
  3. Protecting all living creature from bees to birds by allowing habitats to flourish and leaving wild areas to encourage biodiversity.
  4. Encouraging other local growers to change to organic vegetable production.
  5. Reducing food waste in our business, specifically by giving away graded out veg to customers and by composting. By encouraging customers to use all their food with recipes and positive encouragement through social media.
  6. Using recyclable and compostable Packaging, and reusing and collecting packaging where possible.
  7. Making our deliveries and transport as efficient as possible to minimise carbon emissions.
  8. Maximising output and productivity, reducing waste and energy consumption where possible.
  9. Harvesting our rainwater and generating our electricity from the sun.
  10. Operating with respect and integrity towards each-other, our customers and the environment.
  11. Operating in an honest and approachable manner.
  12. Fostering an environment of trust and openness.
  13. Having an ongoing commitment to education about food and the environment by going into schools and using blogs and social media.

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