Green Angels Wild Animals Rescue Sanctuary

Green Angels Wild Animals Rescue Sanctuary

To rescue domesticated (non-predatory), wild animals including elephants and rhinos, from human establishments.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Green Angels Wild Animals Rescue Sanctuary (GAWARS) :-

This is the name of the project. The meaning behind the name is as follows:-

  • Green -  for the environment, including nature and plant life.
  • Angels - all sentient beings, which includes wildlife, have Angels looking after them, guiding and protecting them.
  • Wild Animals - these species of animals are found in the wild, and do not belong in private zoos, circuses, private homes, working camps. In order to get wild animals to become domesticated for human entertaiment, these animals would be subjected to acts of cruelty to break their spirits and then to train them for human entertainment, where regular negative reinforcement methods are the norm.  Throughout their on-going working lives, these animals are subjected to regular abuse so that they continue to obey orders by humans for fear of been harmed!
  • Rescue sanctuary - is because this is a place where these animals can have a forever home, safe from cruelty and abuse.  Rhinos will also be at the sanctuary to protect them from poachers. The aniamls will have kilometers of open countryside to roam free.


Now for the background information to the project:-

If just 100,000 (one hundred thousand) people from around the world each donated £20, GAWARS could be erected from a paper blue-print to a fully functioning rescue sanctuary!  

South Africa is a haven for wildlife. Because of this, wild life is exploited for financial gain, whether by capturing animals and domesticating them for human entertainment (elephant riding, aniamls in circuses, zoos) or for breeding so that they can be shot by trophy hunters.  To date, over 50 elephant riding facilities have begun operation in South Africa.  Elephant domestication is not part of the African culture, and so far these majestic animals were threatened only by foreign ivory poaching, not the cruelty of domestication.  The excuse given by these elephant riding faciliteis is that they need to offer elephant rides to pay for the elephants  upkeep!!!  The NSPCA (National Society for Protection of Animals in South Africa) is very against elephant riding.  Please refer to  

So in order to free these elephants from their life of domestication and servitude, GAWARS is offering a forever home for these elephants, where they will be free from having to entertain humans (elephant riding/and or doing tricks).  These elephants will be able to roam free over kilometres of land. They will be under 24 hour armed guard protection via the anti-poaching unit and also protected by electric security fencing. There will also be a vet available 24 hour per day to provide medical care to the animals when required.

Elephants are not the only non-predatory animals to suffer at the hands of human-entertainmet establishments such as circuses. There are many kinds of animals, such as zebras, monkeys, ostriches, lamas etc. working in circuses.  Green Angels will be a refuge for them when they are rescued from the human entertainment industry.

Last but not least, the rhino!! Rhinos are constantly been targeted by poachers for their horns.  Time and time again we read stories of the horrific cruelty inflicted on these wonderful animals. GAWARS will be a forever home for these wonderful animals. They will be able to roam free over many kilometres, under constant 24 hour armed guard protection via the anti-poaching units and be protected by an electic fence.  There will be additional security defences in place for these majestic animals.  These rhinos will roam free with their horns intact - the rhinos will NOT have their horns removed "for their own protection", as some organisations have been advocating. Rhinos need their horns for several behavioral functions essential to their survival.

All the wild animals that GAWARS rescue will live their lives as they please within the borders of the sanctuary! Numbers will be controlled using contraception and/ or neutering where-ever possble, and what is best for each animal. If there does happen to be offspring, they will remain at GAWARS forever. They will not be sold  to anyone!!!   

There are a number of highly qualified and experienced people in animal health and well-being,  animal conservation, environment conservation, and security, whose passion is to take care of the animals and their environment at GAWARS.

GAWARS will be an eco-tourism destination.  Under strict security guidance people will be able to take guided day drives around the sanctuary. Guests will be able to stay at the Lodge located in the sanctuary.  The cuisine will be delicious plant-based meals to go with the eco-tourism theme.  

It would be greatly appreciated if you would be willing to support this incredibly vital project! Of course if you do so wish, you may donate more than £20, and we would obviously be overjoyed with this if you were to do so.  Please see the rewards section for the full specification of the donation-based rewards.  Provided below is additional information that will help to explain the rewards in greater detail.

GAWARS Membership:-

There will be two types of membership, single memebership and family membership.  The single membership will be for one person only. The family membership will be based on a family of 4 people comprising of 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 18.  

GAWARS magazine will include a quarterly magazine comprising of stories from GAWARS and also include plant-based recipe(s), a competition and a discount voucher.


Donation-based Rewards:-

Within GAWARS borders, designated walls will be used to thank the donors.  The walls will have the names of ALL donors.  If it is an individual donor, it will be written with the first initial and surname.  If its a family donation, it will be written with parents first initials and family surname and the letters " & Family" after the surname.  If it is an organisation donation, it will be written with the organisations name.  For exmaples:-  P. Smith/ J & G Lincoln & Family/ Canada's Ladies Knitting Club.

Where donors have donated a specific item, for example: A watering hole or guest room, etc., individual plaques will be made and placed at the site with donors name(s) engraved upon it.  For example it could read something like this:- "Willow Tree Watering Hole - kindly donated by John & Jane Smith & Family", or "Blue Angel Room - kindly donated by Sue Parker".  The names could also be be published in other forms of media, e.g. GAWARS quarterly magazine, etc.

Where donors have donated a rescue animal/  bird, for example: elephant, zebra, owl, etc. individual plaques will be made and placed in one of the public rooms of the Lodge. The plaque could read something like this:-   "Nellie the elephant - kindly donated by Mr John Perez."  The names of donors could also be published in other forms of media, e.g. GAWARS quarterly magazine, etc.

 This "crowdfunder" fundraiser for this project is an ALL or Nothing fundraiser. That means if we don't reach our targe of £2 million, pounds within a specified time period, we won't receive any monies.  Monies will only be deducted from your account if we reach the targe of £2 million in pledges.  So please please donate and please spread the word of this fundraiser. You can donate as little as £20 for a 10 year GAWARS membership.  

Should you have any questions regarding this project and the rewards offered, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and Angels Blessings to you x