Green and Ditch Repair


raised in 86 days



To reinforce the bowling green edges with concrete fibreglass to stop any further deterioration.

by Richmond (Yorkshire) Bowls Club in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

Our bowling club is suffering from a problem where the edges of the green are being compressed into the space reserved for the ditch, and this is happening despite the valiant efforts of our Green Team. Bowls England rules for matchplay require that ditches conform to set dimensions, and ours fail to meet the criteria. It has been a problem for a number of years, and it's not only a source of growing concern for the Green Team, but an ongoing expense for the club, due to the requirement for temporary repairs. We decided we could not go on like this, and applied for a Council grant to fix the problem once and for all.

We were successful. The grant will raise £15,855 of the total expenditure of £22,650. 

We are now trying to raise the remaining sum of £6,795.1595955470_dsc01451-2.jpg

Let's make 'Green and Ditch Repair' happen

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