Greater Manchester Rock Radio -For Real Rock Music

Project by Tony CharlesP
Greater Manchester Rock Radio -For Real Rock Music

online radio station for new and unsigned artistes, across the NW, play album tracks from well known bands to train people in radio skills

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This project will only be funded if at least £3,200 is pledged by 6:00pm 10th October 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £3,200 is pledged by 6:00pm 10th October 2018

 Having worked in radio for BBC radio 4 -5 and 1 and worked on internet radio for 5 years, worked with Bruce Dickson , John Peel  and almost won a Sony award and lookng at why new bands dont get real air time,along with sick of hearing the same old rock singles ,I think its time to give new rock bands /artistes support a platform to make people aware of their music and to play album tracks from established artists. To give small business the opportunity to advertise their products/ services to a more local community. This will also give people the opportunity to gain experiences in presenting their own radio show,which will in turn help them and the new performers  to become established within the industry. 

The  presenters will  gain experiences of presenting, voluntary at first but hopefully paid as we get advertises  There will also be interviews from new bands and established groups.  We need this support to raise fund for the licenses and broadcast software along with a hosting company.  We want to to pay presenters after we get enough advertisers in and in the long term train people in full radio production skills as I have been trained in these skills myself and worked on internet radio before, and BBC radio 1.4,5 as researcher.

The funds will pay for software ,web-host, website, licenses, mics, and marketing. Then we are off, just need to get enough presenters and tell everyone about it. You will be helping this much need station for all those bands who are talented but dont have the right platform to shout about it !


Just listen to the other 2 stations based in manchester and you wil see what I mean and as for radio 2, well 1 hour a week come on!!!!  You can have a look at what the station may sound like

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