Collectable Premium Gin With £5 Donated to Charity

by Grapht Gin in London, England, United Kingdom

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Grapht is a thoughtfully made premium gin featuring limited-edition art to keep forever. £5 from every bottle sold donated to charity.

by Grapht Gin in London, England, United Kingdom


We're Jon & Oli, otherwise known as Grapht. More on the name later ;)

When the pandemic hit, we began to think differently—more than ever—about the things we buy, to support local businesses and charities any way we could. That’s why we started Grapht, the idea of creating a purpose-led gin, to help spread the message of responsible living and to make a positive contribution however we can.


Like so many of you, we’re becoming even more conscious of where our purchases come from, how they're made, and the impact they have on our community and the environment. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how precious the world is and how we must strive to protect our planet and help each other prosper.

We created Grapht to be more than just another gin; it’s a showcase of the craftsmanship that goes into every detail, with an honest and upfront commitment to giving back.


And what’s better than enjoying a new tipple than knowing you’ve helped to support a good cause with every sip.

So why the name Grapht, we hear you ask. Well, the word is a combination of things—craft gin, hard graft, and our love for the graphic arts. Hopefully, you like it, and if you don’t, just give it time, and you’ll soon be ordering a Grapht and Tonic ;)

We need your help

We’ve decided to launch on Crowdfunder because of the sense of community that comes with crowdfunding—Grapht isn’t our gin; it’s yours. Having like-minded people coming together to help bring this product to life is exactly why we began this adventure.

Help us to launch Grapht by pre-ordering the very first edition exclusively on Crowdfunder. For £55 (including £5 UK P&P), you’re not only securing a bottle from the first batch, but you’ll also be helping our little idea get off the ground.


Sustainably made, locally crafted

Our gin

Grapht is thoughtfully made in Yorkshire by an award-winning distillery that puts quality at the heart of everything they do. They source ingredients locally wherever possible and work tirelessly to reduce their environmental impact to preserve the beautiful Yorkshire countryside they call home.


Our gin is a classic style, London dry, packed full of scrumptious botanicals. On the nose, you’re initially hit with citrus, led by grapefruit followed by aromatic pink peppercorns for a delicately sweet and aromatic flavour. The perfect gin for a classic G&T or your favourite concoction.


Our bottle

Just like our gin, we endeavoured to produce our bottle locally, to not only showcase British craftsmanship but to reduce our environmental footprint wherever we can.

Our bottle is one of a kind, designed by us, and made in ceramic to encourage you to keep, re-use and cherish forever.

Based in Stoke-On-Trent, our manufacturer practices sustainable production by recycling waste heat, wastewater and excess clay for maximum use.


Less waste!

When we think about Gin—or any other product for that matter—we often forget about the lifecycle of everything that goes into it. There's always a throwaway element in almost every purchase that we leave up to the fate of our local authority - a moment on the lips a lifetime on the tips, you might say!

So we tackled this head-on and challenged the perception of the bottle itself, to create something just as precious as the liquid inside.

View Grapht at Home


We developed Grapht's bottle using 3D and Augmented Reality, to share the design with friends and family before taking it to our manufacturers. Click the button below and choose AR in the viewer to see the bottle in action.


Our Artist in Residence

Collaboration is what we’re all about—to create a product that’s a blank canvas for self-expression and creativity. Just like buying a piece of art, our bottles feature exclusive designs to collect and enjoy every day.


Our first edition is by the incredible Marylou Faure. Specialising in character design, bold colours and graphic compositions, Marylou invokes joy with her cheeky and playful style. Tackling the issues she cares about, Marylou’s career has seen her working on projects for global brands that focus on social and ethical issues.

Marylou was the first person we thought of to create the first edition of Grapht. We're super fans, and honestly, we might have screamed a lot when she said yes! Before we knew it, our babe emerged, and we couldn't be happier. She symbolises harmony with nature and is a celebration of all the women in our lives that we couldn't have done this without.

Work for Good

We're members of Work for Good, an incredible platform that connects businesses with charities, to ensure anything we donate from Grapht complies with charity law. If our Crowdfunder is successful you can keep tabs on progress by visiting our profile.

The Charities We're Supporting

The charities we support will change for every new edition to ensure the money we raise is helping a diverse range of causes. For the first edition, £5 from every bottle sold during our crowdfunding campaign will be donated to Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust via Work for Good.

Friends of the Earth are part of an international community dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. They are committed to a growing and diverse network of people coming together to transform our environment into one which is flourishing, sustainable, and socially just.

So when you choose Grapht as your next tipple, you will be supporting their incredible efforts.


Other ways to Support Us

If gin isn't your cup of tea (we're shocked), but you love the idea, then worry not, we have plenty to offer ;-)

Totes Amazing - The Original Tote Bag

For £20, you can bag yourself an exclusive tote, to flaunt that ooh ahh ahh sensation wherever you go. Made from 100% Fairtrade Cotton and screen-printed to perfection.


FREE Lips Tote Bag

Get a free limited-edition tote, when you buy a bottle of Grapht for £55 or more. You must choose the "Grapht Gin + FREE Tote" when pledging to claim this reward.


The Grapht Art Print

We're currently looking into projecting our artwork for the world to see :) but in the meantime, you can own a limited-edition A3 Giclée print when you pledge £45 or more.



What happens if you don't hit your target?

We're an all or nothing project, which means that if we don't reach our target, we don't keep any of the money pledged and you will get a full refund.

When can I expect my gin?

If successfully funded, our bottles will go into production immediately and we expect delivery to start 16 weeks thereafter. We really do wish it was sooner, but these babies take time and we will keep you posted every step of the way.

Tote bags and prints will be shipped separately and will be dispatched 2 weeks after the project is funded.

Do you ship internationally?

Sadly, at this time we're unable to ship Internationally. Once we're fully established we will be looking into how we can sustainably fulfil orders worldwide.

Some notes about colour and ceramic

The images you see here are prototypes, and the finished designs may vary slightly in terms of colour reproduction across the various materials that are used in our rewards. Due to the nature of ceramic, there can be slight unevenness within the surface of the bottle which occurs during the firing process. This makes our product even more unique, so we hope you'll love them all the same.

A little about us


Hey Graphter, we're Jon & Oli. We're both from Wales, and now sashaying around London on a mission to fuse gin with art and to give back to the charities we care about along the way.

Developing Grapht over the last 18 months has been such a love affair, slowly tinkering with a small idea during our spare time. What started out as a “how would we do it” conversation, has led us here.

We’ve both worked for other people's brands for the last 15 odd years, and it's quenched our thirst to do things differently, ask annoying questions, and rip up the rule book at every opportunity.

We hope you like Grapht, and if you do, we really appreciate your time and support.

Thank you!

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£55 or more

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Grapht Gin + FREE Tote ❤️

Get a free limited-edition 'lips' tote bag with your bottle of Grapht. Includes £5 UK P&P and a £5 donation to Friends of the Earth. Tote bags are shipped separately.

£10 or more

Thank You ❤️

Your support means the world to us. For a pledge of £10, we'll send you a hand-signed thank you card.

£20 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Totes Amazing ❤️

Bag yourself an exclusive tote bag featuring Grapht's artwork, to flaunt that ooh ahh ahh sensation wherever you go. Includes UK P&P.

£45 or more

0 of 100 claimed

Art Print ❤️

If gin isn't your cup of tea (we're shocked), but you love our idea, you can still support us by purchasing a limited-edition A3 print of our babe. Includes UK P&P.

£55 or more

0 of 600 claimed

Gin Glorious Gin ❤️

You rock our world! By supporting Grapht with £55 secures you a bottle from our very first edition. Includes £5 UK P&P and a £5 donation to Friends of the Earth.

£100 or more

0 of 100 claimed

Big Deal ❤️

Snatch yourself a bottle of Grapht, together with a limited-edition tote and art print. Includes UK P&P and a £5 donation to Friends of the Earth.

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