Woollen Love and Kindness for the poor and needy

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Woollen Love and Kindness for the poor and needy
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To raise postage costs and purchase wool in order to send handmade crochet and knitted essential items to the poor and needy

by Susi Wakeman in

Hello, my name is Susi and I am hoping to receive financial help so I can post handmade crochet and knitted items for charity and also purchase more wool to make more of them.

I love crochet and knitting for charity and as I am a stay-at-home Mummy I find time during the day to make children's scarves and blankets and snowflake tree decorations. I've just started making cute teddies with scarves too. 

Depending where I've been living and on our financial situation has determined where I give the items I make. I had thought about holding a craft Fayre stall to raise funds but I would really love to give all I make to the poor and needy..... but I need help to do so. 

I would like to post to Knit for Peace who distribute in the UK and abroad. I like to send some to my sons previous school Welfare Lady who works so passionately and professionally for many others. I like to use some for Wilfy's school's Fayre's. And I would love to make larger items for the homeless and give to a charity somewhere local. 

I am an honest and genuine person and have an unshakeable Christian faith that governs my life. All that I make has love and care and kindness entwined within it and I hope that is carried forward to the recipient. 

I've tried to work out postage costs to send current items in two parcels just over 6. 2kg total weight in the UK; plus wool for 4 more child blankets and 20 scarves and teddies too as well as approximate postage costs for those.  However, I would love to be able to purchase nice wool to crochet and knit with and send the items where needed, without struggling to cover costs and what's more to be able to say that it had all happened because of the love and kindness of others supporting me to do so.

If 270 people felt this a worthy cause and each gave a £1 donation then my goal would have been reached, but if many more than 270 felt able to help then I could potentially keep on going forever!

Thank you so much for looking x warm wishes and God Bless xx

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