Granny Gaming Against the Hostile Environment

by LindsayO in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Granny Gaming Against the Hostile Environment


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I want Scotland & the UK to welcome & support refugees & asylum seekers. Help me raise funds for 3 charities that aim to make that possible.

I'm a Granny. I'm disabled. I love gaming. I'll be gaming against the hostile environment starting Sat 24th of October ending Sun 25th. I'll be streaming live on Facebook or Discord. I'll update here when I have the details. 

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I hate the hostile environment. It's a policy that seeks to make my home country as unwelcoming as possible to those who come here seeking help. Every time I hear of a child refugee drowned at sea, or an LGBTQ deportee facing abuse or violence, or a family of asylum seekers confined in a detention centre, I think how in a different world that could be my child or grandchild.

I want to help, but my disability limits what I can do on a practical level. I can't go volunteer at the refugee camps, or protest deportations at airports. I can help raise funds for 3 great charities working to make life better for refugees and asylum seekers.

I aim to game for 24 hours and stream for 12. I plan to play a mix of 3 games

Minecraft, a family favourite where you can fight monsters, build strongholds, craft, mine, plant crops. I'm a peace-loving player and I aim to build a family home, set up a farm, tame some animals and start trading with the nearest village.

In Journey, you play as a lone wanderer in a desert seeking to reach a distant mountain. I hope to complete a full run-through of the game.

No Man's Sky sees you playing as a lone wanderer but this time in the vastness of space starting with nothing but a damaged spacecraft. 

Join me in my first streaming adventure, by watching me game live or by donating what you can to raise money for the following 3 charities

  • Glasgow:Ubuntu Women Shelter

  • Edinburgh: SCOREscotland

  • London: Hopetowns

Thank you.

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