Graham Keen 1966 And All That

To finish documentary on Graham Keen Art Director of INTERNATIONAL TIMES + photographer who documented Swinging 60s

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Graham Keen, who is now 80 and lives in East Sussex, worked as a photographer and the Art Director of The International Times during the 1960s.  He has an incredible archive and first hand stories of the decade that changed a generation. The International Times was a counter-culture paper that has become an iconic record of the times, revolutionary and dynamic in its approach.

We have filmed and edited 16 minutes of the documentary so far,  but have been advised that as it is very historic, we should aim to get the feature to 45 minutes, this will require 3 more interviews and some paid-for clips.

Self funded thus far, we would like to preserve this historically important record of Graham Keen's life  for the future and are therefore seeking additional funding.

Other interviews will be with Barry Miles as well as  further interviews with Graham Keen, and friends.....