World's 1st covert GPS Tracking Device for Tools

World's 1st covert GPS Tracking Device for Tools

Following comprehensive research into existing technology / design feasibility we seek funding to progress the practical product development

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Figures suggest that a van is broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes in the UK.

Police figures obtained by the BBC  suggest this kind of theft has risen by nearly two-thirds in two years.

Trades people are calling it an "epidemic" that is destroying livelihoods, with thousands of pounds worth of Tools and Equipment being stolen from self employed trades people who are reliant on these possessions to earn a living.

Due to the sheer volume of incidents and the difficulty in identifying the thiefs, Police forces throughout the country are not taking action, simply providing the victim with a crime number for future reference.

In an attempt to prevent thefts a number of additional security products have hit the market with the view of enhancing and increasing the security of the Van from which these tools are being stolen.  However, simply increasing the security for a Van is proving insufficient in tackling the problem, with hundreds of examples of Vans being broken into by drilling locks, cutting electrical cables, peeling back side and rear doors and even whole Van roofs being cut and peeled off!

With both Factory and aftermarket security systems for Vans not providing a robust or reliable solution to prevent the theft of tools, I decided to explore what other solutions there could be reaching the conclusion that the only truly reliable solution would be to track the location of the tools, meaning in the event of theft their recovery is straightforward and Police can be armed with information to facilitate their proactivity in dealing with incidents of theft.

Our extensive research uncovered that the existing products available for tagging, tracking and locating Tools each have major drawbacks. With RFID Tagging being reliant on the tools being recovered and taken to a Police station to identify the Owner and with the only tracking devices being reliant on Bluetooth technology which of course only work within a very small range.


Following comprehensive research into existing products and technologies, including a multitude of variants of GPS, GSM and Bluetooth technologies, it was clear that there is both a gap in the market for a robust solution, but also a huge demand.

Having confirmed that GPS Technology is the only suitable technology for my product, I invested in learning about the technical aspects of GPS Technology and  the essential components required to produce a tracking device.

I then spent time with a network of Tradesmen, as well as representatives from some Tool Manufacturers to understand what would be needed from the product in order to be suitable, not interfere with the performance of the Tool, be robust enough to handle the environment and vibrations and ultimately gain insight into how our device will be applied.

Armed with all of the above information, we made contact with Product Design and Development contacts based in China, this enabled us to understand the feasibility and costs involved with producing such a specialist product.


The result of the above mentioned research and investment is that we have reached the point in having initial conceptual design for the Worlds first GPS Tracking device designed for Power Tools which is currently being reviewed for feasibility. We have now also filed for a Patent on this technology concept.

The Product will consist of a micro GPS tracking module which is covertly connected to the Power Tool via one of two potential methods. Once applied, this will enable the customer to track the location of the tools via Smartphone or Web Browser.

However, despite an infinite pot of passion and enthusiasm in developing the product, I unfortunately do not have an infinite pot of money.

We are seeking your investment to allow us to continue the design and feasibility testing, funding the production of initial prototypes and then help in getting this solution into the hands of Tradesmen on a national basis.  

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