GPS Trackers To Stop Scooter Crime

by Sick of Scooter Crime in London, Greater London, England

GPS Trackers To Stop Scooter Crime

Track scooters with GPS - planted bags are stolen from cars - small tracker embedded in fake high value items. Windscreen repair funded.

by Sick of Scooter Crime in London, Greater London, England

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Who's interested in helping me crowd fund purchase of 100 GPS trackers we could track these scooters down by planting small trackers in bags in cars and pooling the cover of peoples windscreen costs when thieves break in. They are ~ £30 each when buying 100 from china. Additional cost will be the Sim cards with data pre-loaded (probably can get sponsorship from a phone store) and some distribution / shipping cost. It would stop these guys in their tracks!

Let's make 'GPS Trackers To Stop Scooter Crime' happen

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