Go Wild Nature Kits

Go Wild Kits are boxes stuffed with fun games, ideas and tools to help children and their families explore nature and the great outdoors

We did it!

On 24th Jun 2014 we successfully raised £20,150 of £20,000 target with 158 supporters in 63 days

We are taking part in the Santander social enterprise challenge!


 Go Wild Nature Kits are boxes stuffed with fun games, ideas and tools to help children and their families explore nature and the great outdoors. These kits will be stuffed with games, ideas, tools and other exciting things to help children and their families, parents and grandparents, to explore nature.

Our friends at Yeo Valley especially like our Sow & Grow Kits.


Imagine your childhood spent hunting for bugs, climbing trees, watching birds and knowing all about what you were discovering. What would it be like to hunt for dragons, create amazing works art from nothing more than things you found lying around in the garden, or preparing an evening meal over a campfire you made yourself?

Imagine as a parent being able to enjoy these activities with your children without worrying about how to do it or fretting that your little ones might find out that you don't know anything at all about the outdoors. Through guided activities and lots of creative and interesting ideas, Go Wild Nature Kits will make all this possible, and more.

There are even plans to get the kits into schools and libraries, once we get things up and running.



Who is this lady that's babbling on about getting outside?

Jackie loves being outdoors. She loves it so much that she moved from an inner-city flat in Bristol to a converted horse truck in the Wye Valley. She believes that the outdoors should be a part of all of our everyday lives, not just somewhere to drive to at weekends. She thinks that trees are for climbing up, puddles are for splashing in and mud is for sliding through. She also loves to learn and knows that it can easily be interesting, exciting and, most importantly, lots and lots of fun.

Three years ago, with fun, learning and the outdoors at the forefront of her mind, she set up a company called Go Wild. She now spends most of her working life (and a lot of her free time) running around in the woods, teaching children and adults how to build dens, light fires, search for bugs, spot birds, whittle sticks, carve spoons, climb trees, toast marshmallows and other exciting outdoorsy things. She also teaches them how to be nice to each other, how to look after our natural world and how to take responsibility for themselves and their environment. But they're generally too busy smiling to actually notice that's what's happening. She's never really indoors.



Does she know what she's talking about?

Jackie's company, Go Wild, is a social enterprise that is all about going outside, getting muddy, learning about our environment and enjoying ourselves. The 'social enterprise' bit means that the company has strong social and environmental aims and, after everyone's been paid, any left-over money goes towards programmes and events that benefit groups and organisations that really need it, such as the Carers Go Wild days with the Flamingo Foundation in Bristol.

She's also spent time working for Bristol Zoo, Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project and the Wild Place Project. It all involved mud. She's also a qualified teacher and has a PGDip in Education so she definitely knows what she's talking about.


During all this time getting muddy and having fun, Jackie has noticed three things:

  • As adults, we are more than a little bit worried about all this outdoors stuff, even though we know that it's good and we want to do it. Perhaps we don't know enough about it?
  • Our children thrive on being outdoors and end up learning things even when they're not intending to.
  • The vast majority of the equipment that is available to help us with getting out there is either expensive, rubbish or boring. It's not well made, there's no sense of adventure and it costs a fortune for a bit of plastic that doesn't really do much, breaks far too easily and ends up in the bin.


What is Jackie's idea? What's her cunning plan?

Jackie's had an excellent idea. She wants to use all her experience, skills and expertise to create Go Wild Nature Kits. These kits will be stuffed with games, ideas, tools and other exciting things to help children and their families, parents and grandparents, to explore nature. Go Wild Nature Kits will be available in a lot of different flavours to suit each landscape, season and age range. Designed by Jackie and other education and outdoor professionals, these are game-changing, behaviour-changing packs that empower both parents and children alike to discover, connect and grow in nature. They will also be packaged in neat little boxes that make tidying up, and returning your Wild Ones to civilised children, super easy.



Sounds great, what's the money for?

While ideas and research require time, brainpower and collaboration, a physical product requires a financial investment. The ideas are ready but Jackie needs money in order to make these ideas a reality. The money will be spent on:

  • physical things such as bug pots, firesteels and field guides
  • printing things such as the booklets of guided activities
  • boring things like insurance
  • exciting things like a graphic designer to make it look good

There will probably be other things that can't be predicted too. But one thing is for sure, if Jackie's negotiating skills become legendary, or a guardian angel-investor puts loads of cash into the project, anything left over will go towards delivering more projects that help

those that really need it. And we will be sure to tell you all about it.



Ok, I'm in. What do I need to do?

Hooray! Thank you! You just need to do two things:

  • Sign up and make a pledge
  • Tell people about it

Ok, so maybe that's three things. But once you've decided how much you want to contribute and you've selected your reward you need to shout about it. No, it's not terribly British to tell people that you've done a good thing but if you do, then more people will get to hear about it and they will be inspired to do the same. Crowdfunder is an 'all or nothing' fundraising platform that means that unless the financial target is met, there will be no money at all. Not a penny. And this is a big target but it is what is needed to make this project a reality.

So make a pledge then get on Facebook and shout about it, tweet about it, talk about it, email your mum and tell her about it. Tell everyone you know that this is the best idea you've heard in ages and get all your friends excited about it.

Together we can all make a difference. That's why it's called CROWDfunding.


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