Gower Initiative for Modern Money Studies

by Jessica Ormerod in London, England, United Kingdom

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by Jessica Ormerod in London, England, United Kingdom

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Michael James French 6th October 2018

I am fed up with MPs on chat shows who when confronted with what passes for wisdom along the lines of 'no such thing as magic money trees' or 'where is the money going to come from,' freeze like rabbits caught in a spot light. The question is usually posed by a neoliberal commentariat targeting progressive possibilities but never posed when massive monies are conjured to bale out banks after 2008, or the next UK military intervention in the Middle East etc etc or to buy political support in Northern Ireland. Wish you every success in this much needed educational venture.

Mary Dettman 21st September 2018

As an educator and in Australian politics I find your information useful to get a simple message across to whoever I meet concerning why we are in so much trouble in the Global economy

ohstevencarne 15th September 2018

Please support this important idea. Understanding how modern money works is vital to understanding how politics should work and is failing us currently. Hope the project grows from strength to strength.

Netti 15th September 2018

I think it is really important to break the idea that taxes are needed to pay for public services, but it's so ingrained that it will take ingenuity, effort - and some yet-to-appear magic phrase which will help the penny to drop. I wish you well in your campaign for democracy and a better understanding of economics for all: it's a long way up that hill.

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