The People's Vote Platform

by Zed Phoenix in Shapwick, England, United Kingdom


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We are building an online voting platform that will change the way society listens and acts to it's citizens.

by Zed Phoenix in Shapwick, England, United Kingdom

We are building an online social justice platform called Go Vote.  As a co-founder of Glastonbury Original (G.O) our clothing brand not only has an ethical policy but we actively campaign to make the world a better place and to be a positive force in people's lives.  So as business owners, artists and programme developers we looked at how we could help make the world a better place for all of us.

The Go Vote is a platform for social change. It's all encompassing and aims to provide a forum on which we, the people, can be heard. We have concerns regarding the NHS, the education and monetary system, corporations, jobs and a whole host of social and political issues that are effecting our everyday lives.

This platform is the orator of our unified voice. If ten people vocalise their opinion, nothing much happens, but if hundreds, thousands or even millions of people speak out the voice is loud and the system has no choice but to listen and subsequently change. So we have created an online voting system that supports the idea's of real everyday people, with real issues and concerns that affect us all.

The challenge, is turning out to be immense because we have had to learn and understand how democracy is intended to work in detail and design a series of algorithms that allow the voting process to take place online.   We believe we are creating the country's first online voting system, which is like creating a grown up version of Facebook and linkedin combined.

This is the dawn of a new voting system, freedom to raise issues and to rally support. This is self preservation for democracy, an end to the dictatorship of big government, enforced routes and immoral choices. We the people of this country choose the topics which matter, issues close to home and further a field. This is an opportunity for real change. Please support us and help make your voices heard. 


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