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A hyper-local mobile App that will offer digital networking to local businesses to get in front of mobile consumers and offer users a...

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 For most local small businesses - whether working from home or on the high street - it is getting harder, time consuming and costly to get customers.  Furthermore, trying to find where the customers are and being able to entice them to use the service or buy the product being offered is getting more technical.

Most local small businesses are simply trying to earn an income and are made up of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and even neighbours - increasingly more and more are over 40.  They already have busy schedules and limited resources so can not invest in learning new technical skills or spend time trying to find customers and so depend on their family and friends as core customers to spread the word about their business.

Latest consumer trends show that consumers are shopping online but even more so using their mobile phones to find products and services.

GOT iit is a simple cost effective hyper-local mobile app that will help local small businesses to increase the benefits from their limited resources - namely the support of family and friends and their mobile phone - and get more sales.

GOT iit uses a unique link2bus feature coupled with geo-location navigation, that will enable local small businesses to increase their audience reach by popping up in searches local to the location of their contacts (family, friends and any other contacts).  

They will also be able to pop up in searches on a truly level playing field, as all search results are listed in order of closest to the location of the search entered. 

There is no skill required to learn how to use GOT iit.  There will be no need to log out and into other local directories as the App is hyper-local and will always show you what is local to your location...a great App to have for anyone who travels around especially those looking to support local small businesses.

With GOT iit you can still shop online - only you get to find what you want local to where you are first, then go to the business page and then onto the business' website in 3 simple clicks!

With your support, the GOT iit App development will be completed and all features activated so that it can be fully effective in providing local small business a simple cost effective, truly level playing field for them to reach consumers - or shall we say the fastest growing consumers, the Mobile Consumers to generate sales.

The GOT iit App initial version, with limited activated features, is now available to download FREE from the App Store and Google Play.  

Even if you are not able to support my project by pledging some money, you can show support by downloading the App and getting as many of your contacts to do the same.

I need to get 4000 users or raise £10,000 to complete GOT iit.67264-de5553266fad533005182bd9951668e2.j                                                                               Limited Branded GOT iit Bag.




























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