Gosport Chiropractic Hydrotherapy Pool and Spa

Gosport Chiropractic Hydrotherapy Pool and Spa

Hydrotherapy pool with swim currents/underwater treadmill and separate spa. For fitness, recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation.

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Gosport Chiropractic Clinic was established over 10 years ago at premises opposite the War Memorial Hospital. Since then we have gained a good reputation for friendly, professional Chiropractic care - mainly from referrals and recommendations within our local community. In January this year we moved our clinic to larger, more central premises, closer to other shops and businesses in Stoke Road, with better access and parking. The new clinic is already up and running, and we would now like to install an aquatic exercise pool and Jacuzzi hot spa. 


The special features of the pool make it very versatile so it can be used for swimming, rehabilitation exercises, walking or running. It can be used by everyone - swimmers, non-swimmers, children and disabled people, for everything from medical/surgical recovery, strengthening 'bad backs' through to athletic and fitness training and group fun sessions. 

This will be a unique facility, conveniently available in our town centre.


  • 4m x 5m wide, 1.2m deep pool. Deep enough for swimming but not too overwhelming for non-swimmers or anyone less confident in the water.
  • Two independent water currents for swimming or excersise.
  • Underwater treadmill, for rehabilitation or athletic training.
  • Jacuzzi for relaxation and pain relief.
  • Ceiling mounted hoist to enable access to pool, jacuzzi and specially equipped shower room                                                                                                                                                                                                       


The project has been in the planning stages for some time. We had received all the estimates, the budget has been tweaked, massaged and cojoled and we thought we were all set to start the installation. However, there have been some last minute, unforeseen problems with the building works and the fluctuating exchange rate has had a disastrous effect on the costs of some of the equipment coming from abroad. 

We are trying to slowly absorb these extra costs but this is causing long delays. Some financial support, in the form of a cash boost, at this crucial time, would enable us to proceed with the project more quickly and bring the benefits of this unique facility to our communtity in the very near future.


                                Definition : 'the therapeutic use of water to relieve discomfort                                                                                                       and promote physical wellbeing'


The current can be adjusted to be gentle enough for rehabilitation or fast enough to practice competitive swim and stroke training, or exercise against the resistance of the current to help build strength and endurance. 

Two currents, each with independent pace settings to allow two people to swim side by side at different speeds. One person can even swim whilst the other uses the underwater treadmill.


The underwater treadmill can be used at a very gentle pace  for rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery, injury or stroke, or at a faster pace for speed walking or running. 

The treadmill can be used in conjunction with the swim current for an intense workout. The advantage of using the treadmill is the decreased load on the knee and hip joints. This is particularly useful for anyone who loves running or walking but finds that joint problems or arthritis are making this too painful .


  • The Jacuzzi is great for relaxation and stress relief.
  • It can ease joints and muscles after strenuous activity such as a training session or exercise class.
  • The warm water can help alleviate the pain of chronic medical conditions such as fibromylgia and arthritis.


Pool sessions will be available in individual, 30 min appointments.                                            

As 2 people can use the currents/treadmill at the time time, we will endeavour to book 2 similar users for each session.

A member of staff will be on duty either in the pool hall or in the nearby office with an observation window. Supervision and assistance will be available depending on the age, needs and abilities of our clients.


The aqua suite and it's facilities are available for private hire for 1-1.5hr sessions.   Book as a family or with friends to have quality time exercising and relaxing in the pool and jacuzzi.

Children under 3 are free.                                                                                                                          

 Health and Safety: one adult for every two children under eight years old. A member of staff will be available on site.

In future we plan to have small group, supervised exercise sessions.There will be special packages for anyone who would like some help with exercises or would like someone in the pool with them.

There may be a short health questionnaire to ascertain if aquatic exercise/use of the jacuzzi is suitable for those with particular health issues.


To show our appreciation we would like to offer the following rewards to our supporters. Some of these are special offers and may only be available as part of this crowdfunder campaign.

Pool hire: Pool sessions for 30min bookings with free jacuzzi afterwards.

Special crowdfunder annual/half year membership packages.

Private group sessions: 1.5hr sessions for 8-10 people. Suitable for a group of friends, colleagues or club members or a family group of children and adults.

Special supervised group sessions: for disabled people accompanied by their carers. 

If you would like to arrange some bookings or a membership package but don't see it on our list of rewards, please let us know and we can add it especially for you.


To show our appreciation we would like to display a photo or message from our supporters on the 'Thanks to the Crowd' board- although this is not compulsory if anyone is shy!

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