Gosport Green Party General Election Campaign

by Fareham and Gosport Green Party in Gosport, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 18th December 2019 we successfully raised £740 with 9 supporters in 42 days

We are raising funds for the parliamentary deposit, election literature and social media promotion for the Green Party of Gosport.

by Fareham and Gosport Green Party in Gosport, England, United Kingdom

To stand a candidate to represent your views we need your donations, today!

The Green Party have been fighting for social justice and security for our environment, whilst others have made false promises and watered down policies that are not fit for purpose. We can see the impact of this all around us, following austerity for the majority and big business continuing to prosper at the expense of the public and the planet. 

Meanwhile the Green Party's Caroline Lucas has tabled  a Private Members Bill to force  the government to enact A Green New Deal. This would involve huge investment in clean energy, warm homes and affordable public transport – delivering a decent, well-paid job to everyone who wants one, and tackling climate change.   

Now is the time to strike out!

We have seen huge waves of the Green movement succeeding across Europe, and people action taking place on British streets. More and more Greens are being elected in local councils and as MEPs. 

This year we doubled our number of Green Councillors, we lead the declaration of hundreds of climate emergencies, we sent 7 Green MEPs to Brussels and we have grown our membership to 50,000 people.

Now we need to make that happen in constituencies. With your contributions, we can have the same impact in Gosport and have our voices heard. By making a contribution to our crowd-funder, you will enable us to spread the word, gain the votes and make that difference. The money will be used for the parliamentary deposit to enter a candidate, leafleting, posters and social media campaigns. 

If you would like to know what we stand for in more detail, please continue reading. Yes, we believe climate change is the priority, but we are also about so much more!

An economy for everyone 

Greens will create thousands of secure jobs by rebuilding public services. We will end the scandal of working poverty by phasing in a 4-day working week, abolishing exploitative zero hours contracts, upholding trade union rights, and ensuring that everyone is paid a living wage. 

Protecting our environment 

Greens will prioritise urgent measures to tackle climate change, replacing fracking, coal power and subsidies to fossil fuels, with investment in jobs rich renewable energy technology. We will invest in warm homes for all, with a nationwide insulation programme, and in a Green Industrial Strategy to build resilient national and local economies. 

Membership of the EU 

Greens demand the people’s democratic right to vote on whatever deal is negotiated for Britain’s departure from the EU. This should be provided through a ratification referendum that includes an option to reject the deal and remain in the EU. 

A Truly Public NHS 

Greens will introduce an NHS Reinstatement Act to roll back privatisation so that all health and dental services are always publicly owned and provided free at the point of access. 

Education for all

Greens will scrap university tuition fees, fund full student grants, and make greater public investment in further and higher education. 

Young People

Greens would restore the Education Maintenance Grant and guarantee access to apprenticeships for qualified 16-25 year olds.

Safe, Secure, Affordable homes

Greens will introduce a living rent for all through rent controls, provide more secure tenancies for private renters, and introduce mandatory licensing for all landlords.  

A People's Transport System

Greens will return the railways to public ownership, and invest in regional rail links, especially in the South West and North of England, rather than wasting money on HS2 and the national major roads programme.

A safer world

Greens will cancel the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system saving at least £100 billion over the next 30 years. 

A citizen's democracy

Greens will tighten the rules on media ownership so no individual or company owns more than 20% of a media market, protecting against anyone having too much influence or undermining democracy.  

For more details, please see here https://www.greenparty.org.uk/green-guarantee/all-manifestos-alternative-formats.html

Thank you for your support!

IMPORTANT: All levels of donation are gratefully received, but please note that under electoral regulations, we can only accept donations of £50.01 or more if you are currently on the UK electoral register. We will need to check your eligibility and provide your information to the Electoral Commission, which may publish donors' details. If donating £50.01 or more, you must provide us with your name and full address and may not donate anonymously. Thank you.

By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for and on behalf of any other person. All donations are received subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

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