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by Javatvasi Dasa in Lesmahagow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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By adopting this soil enrichment plan the nutritional value of meals served to residents, guests and the local needy will be optimised.

by Javatvasi Dasa in Lesmahagow, Scotland, United Kingdom

In our work at the Krishna Eco Farm we promote a culture of selfless service to our rural ecosystems. This is being achieved by attending many local community networking events and inviting organisations to take advantage of our ecotourism facility in the Clyde Valley. Accommodation 

 Last year we hosted the 11th European Farm Conference with more than 30 delegates from 10 countries and welcomed additional speakers from Australia, Brazil and India. We are part of a growing network of rural projects committed to the optimum utilization of nature's gifts without disruption to the the natural life cycles of wild and domesticated animals. 

In the light of the global consensus to keep tourism domestic, our project will encourage farmers to explore the potential of ecotourism enterprises. Every farm has a great story to tell. An increased awareness of the potential of this market can  initiate a shift away from oil dependent agriculture and usher in an exciting new era.

The optimum nourishment and preservation of our soil is a prerequisite for maximizing our yearly harvests of nutrient rich fruit, vegetables and herbs. 

Richard Higgins, the designer of our chosen soil regeneration scheme has shown that adoption of his system can bring a 300% increase in nutritional quality and productivity. 

We are budgeting for

1) £12,000 to purchase and install 2 pairs of Howard-Higgins HH-2 thermophilic compost bins. They will produce up to  2 tonnes of organic pest-resilient fertilizer per month. Richard Higgins sells this through Ebay as HH-4. You can see some  reviews here HH-2 Thermophilic compost bins

 The raw materials can all be obtained from our own operation and  nearby farms and gardens. The system also has the capacity to recycle foodwaste from ~50 households and can even break down the plastic film on the inside of coffee cups and other single use packaging.

 Visit Sustainable Agriculture London for an in depth study of the Howard-Higgins technology 

 The large volumes of fertilizers produced provide an excellent retail opportunity for start ups wanting to make a mark in the circular economy initiatives promoted by Zero Waste Scotland.

2) £25,000 which will be earmarked for landscaping, constructing green build workshop and catering units and improving access to the demonstration site. This will enable school,and higher education groups to use the site for workshops and research projects. About 3 years ago I visited The Shieling Project in Glen Strathfarrar, Inverness and was very impressed by their off-grid learning centre. We aspire to emulate the success of this great project The Shieling Project which has just this month won the title "Best Environmental Social Enterprise" in the Social Enterprise Awards Scotland 2019. £25,000 will enable us to keep apace with the leaders in the trending ecotourism field of Off-grid OutdoorLearning Centres.  

3) £11,000 to purchase/modify a vehicle for collecting waste from rural households who are not within the local government provision areas for uplift of segregated food waste. Thus food waste to landfill  pollution can be eliminated. The Howard-Higgins system also has the potential eliminate all domestic and local institutional sanitary waste from sewage and landfill. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can see this amazing capability in action here

EcoSan and waste management system

3) £2,000 to cover expensves for hiring and manning stalls at conferences, agricultural shows, highland games etc. Given the superexcellent quality of the HH-4 fertilizer and pest repellant, we need to get the word out there, exploring all potential retail and wholesale outlets for the end products as well as the HH-2 Hot Boxes, HH-3 EcoSan toilet system and HH-8 Biochar Burner and Space Heater. You can see the entire range here

We have a reward system for our donors. You can visit THIS LINK to get more information about it.

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