"Goody" is going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Help us by pre-booking for London/Coventry previews in July!

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £1,650 with 36 supporters in 21 days

 Saturday 8th July, Greenwich Theatre, London.

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July, Criterion Theatre, Coventry.

1934, Dustbowl America. Backstage at the travelling circus, we discover the complex relationship between one man and his performing chimpanzee. Marooned in a world she does not comprehend, Goody finds comfort with her only companion: her trainer Frances. 

How do they communicate? How do they cohabit? Who is in control?

Lucy Roslyn’s new play is a striking, darkly funny exploration of the extraordinary, heartbreaking world of performing apes and the humans who live with them, love them, and break them. 


"Goody" is the next production from BoonDog Theatre. ( In August we want to take it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: There's no mistake that taking a production there is fantastic exposure and a great way to build reputation: it just comes at a very high cost. 

This time we're going big. We have won a brilliant award (Les Enfants Terribles' "The Greenwich Partnership") which guarantees us a really good slot at one of THE most prestigious venues in Edinburgh - The Pleasance. We are hiring a really good PR company to propel the show to stardom. We are budgeting a marketing spend! We have a small crew of 4 people that need accommodating and looking after. Everything about the production of this show will be a step up for us. It's big, a little scary, but with your help we can make it happen!

What we REALLY want to do is to raise enough funds to cover ALL the costs of the festival. If we can do this then we can commit to donating ALL profits from the Edinburgh run to one of our favourite charities, a chimp rescue centre. If we can reach our initial goal then we will add more details on that as a stretch goal for the remaining duration of the campaign. 

 Lots of crowdfunding campaigns offer huge varieties of different rewards for different levels of backing - We're not going to do that. Instead we have just FIVE reward levels all based simply around paying a premium price early to see the show!

 Essentially what we are asking is simply that you pre-book a £25 ticket.

Saturday 8th July, Greenwich Theatre, London.

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July, Criterion Theatre, Coventry.

Others TBC

We will be doing preview performances in June and July in both London and Coventry: £25 now and you can be there. If you can't be there, £15 buys you a recording of the show (which we will send at the end of the Fringe run cos spoilers). Or £50 buys you two tickets AND a recording to keep forever. 

Just pledge and select "tickets" as your reward: we will contact you at the end of the campaign to ensure you get your tickets for the performance and venue of your choosing.


If you venture into the higher tiers, you'll get a digital scrapbook of the whole process, featuring clips of behind-the-scenes business as we make the show happen. Artwork and marketing materials, japes and scrapes.


If you'd like to, you can just donate however much you like by using the manual "Donate" button free from rewards entirely. Or you could take a reward and then donate more ON TOP (if you're really that lovely).

We would be so grateful for your support. You can find more information about us on, @BoondogTheatre, or on our founder Lucy Roslyn's website


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