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by GOOD KOFFEE in London, England, United Kingdom


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"Coffee Lovers & GOOD Folk we need your help" Pre-order our stunning Sparkling Coffee Tonics, get creative rewards & back GOOD KOFFEE today!

by GOOD KOFFEE in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

There is no doubt that making GOOD moves in the drink's industry needs tenacity, self confidence and some cold hard cash.

Building a solid business is key so we can do the GOOD things too. Whilst we are currently supporting Work For GOOD and CREATE LONDON, we are already putting together ways to use our experience in the creative industries to encourage growth, self-belief and improved wellness through creative workshops. As you can imagine there is lots to get done, yet it will only be by getting the help and support from others that will help move us on.

The beverage sector is one of the most competitive areas of the food and drink world and if we can move onto and raise our stretch target it will put us in an amazing position to continue to get our latest drinks into the market with a realistic prospect of doing some great branding, marketing and producing them in the best possible way working with one of London's most supportive small business drinks' producers. 

We made our first goal, let's see if we can hit the next!

GOOD Video?

I hope you enjoyed the project video. It's been quite a journey and as the Founder & GOOD guy I wanted to give you a sense of the challenges I have faced so far with my business... Phew, it ain't easy... But let me tell you, I LOVE IT... Go KOFFEE!!!

So we are rasing £2,500 and The Mayor Of London will 'Pay It Forward' and match this pound for pound ONLY if we hit our target.

Why we need your help?

I have always wanted to start a company as a force for the GOOD. I want to champion Coffee, Connection and Creativity. And it all started at my local Royal Arsenal Farmers Market where I launched the UK's Original Coffee Kombucha. It has been great to build a local community and get invaluable feedback and begin to gain loyal customers.

More recently I created Social Coffee Mixers to easily create your own gorgeous coffee tonics, this was with the help of the amazing material scientist and 'Walter White' of the food world, Dr. Johnny Drain.   

And now, most exciting for me, will be the release of three ready-to-drink stunning Sparkling Coffee Tonics, all natural flavours and inspired by my experiences and love of travel. 

This October I will be completing our first trial run with a local small drinks producing partner and need your support to achieve this. 


Tell us the GOOD stuff. :-)

Not just a great new way to enjoy coffee... GOOD KOFFEE has more to its heart and soul.

Firstly, my background is in the Creative Arts, Theatre, Film & Television. Being involved in the creative world can be pretty thrilling, and there is often someone or something to inspire you. I love thinking up new ideas and expressing myself in this way. 

(Look I got 'papped' in Rye filming an episode of The Crown.)


Secondly, like many of us, I have at times felt moments of difficulty and loneliness in my life, it was important to strive for the changes I wanted to see and provide a message that might support others. I asked myself what I wanted GOOD KOFFEE to represent... I adopted a phrase that I felt spoke to this sentiment: "Socially Uplifting." There is nothing better than having a GOOD talk and laugh with friends and those whom matter to you to uplift your spirits.

Lastly, it was really important to find a way for the brand to do some GOOD. The name is meant as a guiding star to help make better choices whilst building a small business with purpose.

1600957354_img_2912.jpgWhat GOOD are we doing?

It is a young company with lofty ambitions to be successful and give back... I chose to source our coffee in a meaningful way. We use coffee backing the Cafe Femenino foundation a co-operative of women coffee farmers helping raise their social empowerment within their communities and now operating in nine regions around the world.

I think getting to be creative is a wonderful thing and I was over the moon to discover Work For GOOD (Great name eh?!). We now partner with them to support CREATE LONDON who find new ways for art and creative practice to benefit the lives of people in towns and cities. It's great to be backing them with a small donation from our sales. And so far we have donated from the sale of 1000 bottles of the GOOD stuff!


Now GOOD folk... we're asking for your help.

The further you move along with a vision, the more apparent it becomes that you can't do these things alone. Already there have been some amazing people who have helped us with the challenges faced, from small and big favours to paid consultants. At each junction, doing the best with the resources available. Now I need your help. By pledging for our rewards, you will not only be the first to taste these gorgeous drinks, you'll also receive some truly unique and really GOOD stuff. 

The GOOD Rewards.

Check out our rewards created just for you.

Some highlights are:

First up any reward £25 or above will receive a six-pack of our stunning Sparkling Coffee Tonics. Once we complete our trial run, these will be sent out to you ASAP for you to enjoy the world's first drinks of their kind... It's time to 'Get Social' don't forget to snap, 'gram & share our gorgeous bottles with everyone.

Looking for some unique creative rewards, made by our very own small business community?

How about... This brilliant limited run GOOD KOFFEE PALM Tee-Shirt or plush Hoodie.. We commissioned illustrator Richard Fairhead to envision a simple evocative design giving a nod to our love of adventure and discovery. Be one of the few global citizens wearing this and help spread the GOOD word.


(Size & colour etc. all sorted after the pledge and produced on the best quality tee-shirt. No compromises here!)


Or maybe you'd like these... Unbelievable handcrafted KOFFEE KUPS made by Sarah who runs Happy By Harper. She believes in "creativity for better mental health" and we couldn't agree more. We commissioned her to do these one-off pottery designs just for you.


Each set comes with 4 KOFFEE KUPS and with just 6 sets being made, do get in quick. They are produced with love and a seriously gorgeous ethereal glaze. Perfect for yourself or of course as a Christmas gift to a loved one... 


You can be sure that by pledging your hard earned cash now, you will be integral in kickstarting GOOD KOFFEE into its next phase of life and of course enjoy these fantastic rewards too. 

Coffee is going SOCIAL.

Honestly, having launched Social Coffee Mixers in the beginning of the year (January seems like a lifetime ago now!) at The Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival in The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. I am genuinely excited about bringing the next stage of GOOD KOFFEE to life. I think you guys are going to love the brand new range of stunning Sparkling Coffee Tonics, two years in the making and inspired by my love of travel, adventure and discovery.

"One evening in Southeast Asia, I was relaxing with newfound friends at a bustling backstreet bar, I was served this incredible coffee tonic. The alchemy of sweet coffee and bitter sparkling tonic water was really uplifting, adventurous and surprisingly GOOD."


So after two years of daydreaming and development, I will be producing a trial batch later this month. All presented in our signature Amber glass bottles. Beautiful, authentic and in three unbelievable flavour combinations for you to enjoy. 

Some travel snaps...It was here I was first served a gorgeous Coffee Tonic!...

A favourite spot in Hanoi, Vietnam (December 2018)




Remember... What you give - The Mayor Of London matches... £ for £. 

Thats right! If we can raise £2,500 then The Mayor Of London will presents us with £2,500. This is such a fantastic opportunity for GOOD KOFFEE to benefit from 'double bubble' with the Pay It Forward campaign, it will make a huge difference to our next steps. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the page. 

Please share this campaign with your friends, coffee lovers or just lovers. And get one of our fantastic rewards for yourself too ;-)


GOOD Drinkers say:

"Wow. That is really refreshing."

"Coffee with Superpowers..."

"I don't even like coffee and I'd drink that!"


"The future is what we do today"

With love from Crowdfunder & The Mayor Of London: 

"The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British small businesses, which is going to make it very challenging for businesses to survive. Together we can help them."

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Let's make 'GOOD KOFFEE needs your help to do GOOD.' happen

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