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by a-different-hull in Hull, Kingston upon Hull

We did it
On 7th November 2013 we successfully raised £390 with 26 supporters in 28 days

To raise enough money for a print-run of our newest art project, Good Clean Fun Comix, Preorder a copy of the comic by donating money, or take a look at our incentives- Once the comic is printed, it will be sold to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

by a-different-hull in Hull, Kingston upon Hull


We're a Hull-Based non-profit art publishing group called Something Entirely Different- We print magazines, comics, art prints and perform live art installations using a selection of incredibly talented local artists. We work with local venues Welly, Fruit and Hull Box Office on a monthly basis, as well as working with such big Hull events as Humber Street Sesh and Freedom Festival.

Jess Zschorn, Domanic Li

We've been working on a new comic book for a while, Good Clean Fun Comix, to benefit Cancer Research UK. The plan is to sell the comic online and at select stores, galleries, markets, fairs and more. We also have a table at the massive Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds, late November. 75% of the money made from sales of the title goes straight to Cancer Research UK, with the remaining 25% going towards funding our future projects, including another title for a similar cause.

Art by Jake Machen

Since we started, we've published a variety of free magazines and comics, all with the goal of pushing local creative talent in Hull. We're always expanding our ranks, while looking into other media projects, including film, music and more in the coming year. We've worked with an impressive collection of Illustrators, fine artists, designers, photographers, models, musicians and more- We have a lot of fun, and, hopefully you will too while checking out our stuff. 

With Good Clean Fun Comix, while promoting our team of creatives and showing off what they can do, we're hoping to make a difference. We're hoping this will be just the start  of a series of comic books raising money for charity, but we need a little bit of help with the first issue. We've already put a lot of time, effort and money into this publication, but we're falling just a little bit short, which is why we have such a low goal. Obviously, the hope is that we'll go way over our target goal- this would mean more copies, and more money for Cancer Research.

Lok Ian Leong

Every bit of money donated is immensely appreciated, hopefully you find some of our incentives original and interesting to you. If you can't donate money to the cause, every share of the page or link promoted is a huge help. The comic will be on sale mid-November, with copies going out to anyone who preorders the title at the same time.My name's Snapper, and I'm really grateful to everyone who helps- I know you're going to love the comic. Hull has so many incredible creatives, I hope you'll help me out trying to push their art to a wider audience. Cheers x

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Massive thanks to Jake Machen, Jess Zschorn, Domanic Li, Jorge Goytizolo, Scott Davies, Chris Wood and everyone featured in the comic- video by Thomas Little


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£3 or more

£3 Reward

Our Eternal Gratitude for helping local artists and such a great Charity. We would love to add you to our supports page and say thank you publicly to all our Facebook Fans!

£6 or more

£6 Reward

To receive a copy of the comic to your door, mid-November. (package will include stickers and a copy of one of our previous publications)

£10 or more

£10 Reward

To receive a copy of the comic, with an added A5 special double-sided art print by two of our artists (along with the extras)

£25 or more

£25 Reward

To receive all of the above, and we'll include an advert for your business on the links section of our website. (We'll provide a template for you to work with)

£50 or more

£50 Reward

All of the above, plus an original hand-drawn illustration from one of our artists

£60 or more

£60 Reward

All of the above (minus the hand-drawn image) plus a special A5 handmade screenprint and Something Entirely Different T-Shirt

£120 or more

£120 Reward

ALL of the above! PLUS... one bespoke, money can't buy A3 Commission of your choice from one of our artists

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