Good as Goods

The aim of the project is to support Gerard during the publication of the book Good as Goods.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello. My name is Gerard.

I would like to write an interesting book for you.

Why does poverty exist and persist in today's democratic free market societies? Support and find the answer. 

The book Good as Goods is a study of our political and economic institutions. This book will explain economics and politics in a way anybody can understand. The book even includes fun and easy to understand puzzles and illustrations.

What is value? ... What is the value of my project? ... Will you donate? ... How Much?

... What will the book reveal?

I require your help to write this book. I have quit work in order to complete this life goal. Please donate.

... I need you to give.

This book explains why your benevolence is the glue to human society. This book is my contribution to society. And it needs to be free from cynicism to be understood. Please help.

Your benevolence will not only free me from poverty but will be the empirical example which I accept will liberate this message from cynicism.

"Cynicism is the only form in which common souls come close to honesty" Nietzsche.

Good as Goods is a critique of current political and economic institutions as discussed and defined by "Justice as Fairness" in John Rawls' book A Theory of Justice. It re-examines problems discovered by Kenneth Arrow and the Marquis de Condorcet in the context Immanuel Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals. Good as Goods is my contribution to that continuum.

Please Support. You’ve never read and understood a book like this before.

Join the debates, attend the Talks, or pre-order at

Personal Note: I was born in Salford in 1981 (Very happy times ... lots of burnt-out cars though!?) I have studied Economics and Philosophy. I have quite a varied work experience. Most recently a Senior Analyst running a small Business Intelligence department for a major international brand. I have previously worked in advertising operations, I have relayed railway, worked on building sites, a van driver, a furniture repairer, fast food operative, sales executive, photographer, landscape gardener and more. However despite so much hard work I have not been able to produce or consume those goods I require. I have been very busy producing goods for other people. 

Time to prioritise self respect. Please contribute.

Thank you for reading.

 Gerard Shryane.


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