Good Vibes Photo Booth

by Kevin McNeill in Parwich, England, United Kingdom

Good Vibes Photo Booth
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to set up a mobile photo booth for special events that help to promote better mental health and to encourage other people.

by Kevin McNeill in Parwich, England, United Kingdom

Hello.  I am looking to go self employed that would also help to benefit others and help to promote better mental health. I have struggled with my mental health such as depression, anxiety and isolation for a number of years and through this it has been a very lonely experience. But through my experiences with my mental health,  I want to be able to help other people. I want to encourage other people to help create a positive experience, to help create health and wellness. I know that a lot of people also struggle with their mental health and often people struggle on their own so suffer in silence or there is very little support.

As a tool I use photography to help me. My idea and I have started building it, is to make a mobile photo booth that would not only go to special events but also out to the community.  The whole experience of the photo booth would be very positive and uplifting experience.  Not only would people have their photographs taken by the photo booth, but also there would be a range of fun props, special message props such as signs which people would hold up and letting them know how amazing they are, that they are special, beautiful and for them not to give up hope but to also follow their dreams and passions, as well as props such as silly glasses, fake moustaches, hats etc.  There would be lively uplifting  positive music playing, with LED lights and they would take home with them their photographs from the professional photo printers.  I would also look into having positive videos with inspirational messages playing as well.  Again I want the whole experience to encourage, inspire, help to promote better mental health in a fun positive environment.

I have started making two photo booths and I am currently restoring a caravan which would consist as a mobile photo booth.  The caravan I am working on is in the above picture.  This caravan would go to special events such as festivals, weddings, parties but also out into the community. I am looking for funding for extra equipment such as a professional photo printer, but also I am looking into buying a used vehicle that would also be part of the mobile special events photo booths. I did buy a vehicle from a car dealership but it was missold to me as it was faulty and I had to scrap it. So I need a reliable vehicle such as buying a London Black Cab taxi and converting that into a mobile photo booth inside with a tow bar on so can also tow the caravan. I would also look into maybe in the near future buying a used limousine that would also have a photo booth inside.

Again I want to use my photography to help, encourage, inspire and promote better mental health. I also have a degree in photography. But would also be a new start for me into self employment.

Thank you

Kevin McNeill

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