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by Chris Crocker in London SE18 6GL, Greater London, England

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Hello... my name is Chris Crocker. And I founded GOOD Kombucha Drinks LTD in 2018 on a mission to make my own really GOOD, enjoyable and healthy Kombucha and introduce it to fellow forward-thinking adventurers, who want new, exciting & healthier drinking choices throughout their day. 


GOOD KOFFEE kombucha is our first creation. It is like no coffee you have had before. GOOD KOFFEE kombucha is coffee re-invented. Something truly different. It is rich, complex with a familiar coffee taste, yet with all the health benefits and kick of a fermented living brew. And that’s the magic of kombucha; feeding the good bacteria in your gut whilst giving you a truly unique taste experience... Coffee with Superpowers!

GOOD KOMBUCHA Drinks are made in London in what we like to call our nano-brewery. That's pretty small. Yet small doesn't mean we don't stand for something. At GOOD KOMBUCHA Drinks, we have been passionate for a long time about interesting, great tasting & health-promoting food and drink. When we discovered kombucha, a charming fermented beverage on a visit to New York in 2010, we fell in love... with the city, and of course this enigmatic elixir...  And we've been drinking it ever since, enjoying its satisfying, reviving and complex qualities. 

We have excitedly been observing kombucha's rise in popularity. Loved as much for its beneficial and probiotic properties as it is for its diverse flavour profiles. And before you say 'Kom-What-You-Going-On-About', it's just another health fad. Consider the fact that this wondrous beverage was first being sipped by the Chinese way back in 221 BC... A long, long, long time ago. 

Our mission at GOOD KOMBUCHA Drinks is to be brave and bold, blending our creative artistry with a time-honoured brewing tradition to produce healthy, exciting, natural and great tasting drinks.

I am really excited to share our GOOD KOFFEE kombucha with you and begin to grow the GOOD brand. Which I know has heaps of potential... Importantly I want to give back when the time is right and do some GOOD with initiatives like The “Health? Mental!” Project. It’s aim is to offer complementary therapy in the form of creative days for folk who have become overloaded by the pressures of modern day life and can ease some of their burdens through these creative sessions. With a background in the creative arts I understand how satisfying and calming it can be to engage yourself in this way.

I believe our GOOD KOFFEE kombucha is a really GOOD drink, it has a place in the growing health market sector and once you try it, I think you will love it. As someone who does their best to see and nurture the GOOD aspects in people and life. I know there are some really GOOD things to come.

We needs supporters, friends and those with a shared interest and willingness to champion us... SO now is the time to help us by pledging for some GOOD KOFFEE REWARDS and really be a part of helping us do GOOD.


Thanks for reading my pitch. PLEASE PLEDGE NOW! CHRIS xxx :_)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£10 Reward

A GOOD ole fashioned thank you for supporting GOOD KOMBUCHA Drinks LTD & GOOD KOFFEE KOMBUCHA.

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Get one of our GOOD KOFFEE Tee-Shirts. And help spread the GOOD word whilst looking pretty GOOD too.

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You will be one of the first to receive some GOOD KOFFEE kombucha. Get our perfectly portioned 3-bottle pack posted to your home, work or as a gift to your family or friends. Now you can finally get that GOOD KOFFEE kick.

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Champion us and get 6-Bottles of GOOD KOFFEE

You will be one of the first to receive some GOOD KOFFEE kombucha. Have our larger 6-bottle pack posted to your home, work or as a gift to your family or friends. Now you can finally get that GOOD KOFFEE kick.

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If you really want to see us succeed and help us build the GOOD brand. And have a little more money to spare. This will be invested in building our business whilst giving you a real feel-GOOD factor! Plus you will of course receive our 6-bottle pack of GOOD KOFFEE kombucha and a GOOD KOFFEE Tee-Shirt. Posted to your home, work or as a gift to your family or friends. Now you can finally get that GOOD KOFFEE kick.

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Private Fermentation Workshop with Anna

For this unique reward you can be part of an private Kombucha Fermentation Workshop* with our knowledgable head fermenter Anna. We want to give you the chance to experience the fascinating world of fermentation. During this workshop Anna will go through the process of making your own kombucha, whilst giving you an insight and understanding into the benefits and joys of a fermented world and GOOD gut health. *Workshop will be in the London area.

£500 or more

£500 Reward

You must be a really GOOD, kind, generous or... crazy person. But this kind of pledge is what will make us fly high and launch us way into the stratosphere, just like Richard Branson on Virgin Galactic! You will get a personal thank you on our GOOD KOFFEE labels! And receive 2 x 6 bottle packs for your troubles and 2 x GOOD KOFFEE Tee-Shirts. Now that will be one GOOD KOFFEE kick!

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