Good Karma Club - Cost Free Wellbeing & Self Help

by Rugina in Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom

Good Karma Club - Cost Free Wellbeing & Self Help


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Empowering individuals to work towards better mental wellbeing through blog posts, self help worksheets and personalised 1-1 support

by Rugina in Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom

Who am I?

I am Rugina - the founder of Good Karma Club (GKC). I started GKC as a non profit organisation because I could really empathise with the emotional turmoil of life, partnered with the impacts of Covid. My job role allows me to appreciate and work through the difficulties in accessing help for mental health as well as the lack of self-help tools available to us. The money raised will contribute to keeping the website and toolkits free and accessible. This is mainly because we all know there may be stigmas and barriers connected to accessing help for our mental health.


My journey

My career has revolved around promoting better mental health and wellbeing which has always been so fulfilling. More recently I have found the goals I was working towards have not been aligning with my desire to impact people positively.  The last 18 months of events left me feeling negative, and really craving change. It was a case that I lost myself in a bid to please others and my environment was not empowering. Although my loved ones noticed this before I did, I eventually saw the reality of my environment. This journey helped me create Good Karma Club.

Who are we? 

We are an online platform that provides free mental health and wellbeing support. We offer this through worksheets and toolkits in conjunction with blog posts on how to use them. 



GKC Shop

Good Karma Club currently has an online store that sells a small range of merchandise tailored to promote better wellbeing. GKC Candles are a mindfulness aid that is helpful to use as a part of meditation or to create a peaceful environment. 


How you can help

GKC's mission is to provide mental health and wellbeing support through self-help while having little or no cost attached to the service. Your donations will continue to help us provide this support and help us reach a wider audience. 

Future Plans 

We aspire to grow GKC in the future by having a wellbeing cafe that promotes self-love as well as allowing people to network with like-minded individuals. In addition to this, we will have an online shop to partner with people's mental health journey including self-care boxes, gratitude journals, and affirmation cards. In order to support this, we will need to expand our team by working towards having paid employees and volunteers.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

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Candle Club

Mindfullness candles - these candles are to aid mindfulness and promote better wellbeing. They have upto 40hrs of burn time and can be used in the home

£10 or more

VIP Club

Exclusive first look download links to the toolkits uploaded onto the website - this will be sent via email

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Keyring Club

Good Karma Club's light up keyring - a transparent keyring with the GKC logo embedded inside which can light up with a twist

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Discount Club

Life long 10% discount code for donations over £20

£25 or more

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Sample Box Club

When pledging £25, GKC will send you a self-care box full of worksheet samples, miniature candles, wax melts partnered with a mindfulness how-to guide and discounts to use on our online store. Something to help you start your new year right!!

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